2002-07-29 15:05:47 ET

I added the other two pictures for those who care to look

2002-07-29 15:06:48 ET

*looky looky*

:)ooo sweetfish....i likes da jacket.is purrrdy

2002-07-29 16:47:21 ET

pretty prett.
mom was sitting behind me as i looked. she said "is that who you are talking to now" the screan name had something about being a punk in it. "no mom. thats not what punks look like".
"oh well hes scarry. how old is he? where does he live? he hast asked you to meet him anywhere has he?"
well i like the pics.

2002-07-29 17:59:59 ET

haha. i like your mom already! can i come visit and give her a hug?

2002-07-29 18:12:00 ET

so we arent going to go meet anywhere, you can just come here. :)

2002-07-29 18:15:05 ET

yep, so when you picking me up? haha.

2002-07-29 18:17:53 ET

wait wait, i dont drive. you dont drive. and i dont think mom is will to come pick you up. hmm... must save for airfare.

2002-07-29 18:19:23 ET

airfare? i'd take a bus. you're not that far!

2002-07-29 18:20:26 ET

ive never taken a long distance bus. well whatever makes you happy kid. as long as my mom gets a little awakening well be ok.

2002-07-29 18:21:01 ET

"mom its ok, sometimes people can be different then you, but still nice people. its ok... put down the bat."

2002-07-29 18:21:37 ET

ahaha... moms usually love me, except for the fact that i'm there to be with their daughter. long distance busses are ok for a few hours... now, 2 days..... you wanna kill yourself.

2002-07-29 18:24:39 ET

i take it you did a two day thing?
im good with parents too, but they also are a little cautious of me, i cant immage what it would be like for you. blah. id take you home to meet mom and dad, i like to keep them on their toes.

2002-07-29 18:26:24 ET

hehe. i think it'd be fun! cuz i'm nice, polite, etc... parents never have a reason to hate me cept how i look.

2002-07-29 18:29:34 ET

same here. well i can be vulgar, but i wont ever in front of my sig. others/friends/my own parents.
parents dont like me because i keep people out to all odd hours of the night.
you seem very polite.

2002-07-29 18:30:31 ET

i'm even more polite with parents. haha. i'm used to dealing with parents, older people, etc. damn prudes. and please, keep me up all night!

2002-07-29 18:33:12 ET

lol per-vert. hell i would though. im a night and early morning person. i like my friends to be the same, and if they are not, i make them.

2002-07-29 18:36:08 ET

i'd prefer to be like that. i love the night... walks at night too. mmm. i love the moon!

2002-07-29 18:39:18 ET

definatly. contelations too, i wish i knew them better. ive never found my own, aqurius, its faint though so i would have to be more out in the country. (im rambling tonight. forgive.)

2002-07-29 18:41:50 ET

hehe no forgiveness! i'd do cloudwatching if it werent for the brightness and evilness of the sun.

2002-07-29 18:44:07 ET

everytime im in the mood i cant see because its too bright or all the clouds are those ones that look like waves and you cant get much out of them other then "big wave" "small wave" "wave with a surfer"

2002-07-29 18:45:47 ET

hahhaha... yeah, it takes a special day to do that.

2002-07-29 18:48:29 ET

it does. and i just dont have the daylight anymore to do it. im always asleep lately. yuck. which reminds me, i have to adjust my scedual for nasty kentucky vacation with family. horray, i love my little cousins who whine all the time and dont understand that i hate them.

2002-07-29 18:49:38 ET

you can pretend to go to kentucky, and instead come here? haha

2002-07-29 18:50:26 ET

sounds good to me. you dont have bratty kids. just as long as you leave my enought time for my summer reading which shouldnt take long. will i need to pack anything dressy?

2002-07-29 18:52:40 ET

only if you feel like wearing something dressy. i'd plan on being rather lazy actualy.

2002-07-29 18:54:50 ET

sounds good. im in a wife beater and pants mood. flip flops even. (the horror). i dont want to go lay out on a boat all day getting oggled by passing tourists, getting tanned and haveing my dad threaten to throw my md player overboard.

2002-07-29 18:55:31 ET

naw, you'll just get oggled and snuggled by me, sound good?

2002-07-29 18:56:54 ET

sounds fine to me. you arent a creepy tourist with a beer gut. atleast you look a little skinny to have one...

2002-07-29 18:58:37 ET

haha. i may have a small gut... it's not from beer though, ew!

2002-07-29 19:00:52 ET

lol ok i can deal then. beers nasty. actually all that shit is. but thats just personal oppinion.
random question, how tall are you?

2002-07-29 19:01:53 ET

i'm only about 5' 11". and you're right, it is all nasty..

2002-07-29 19:03:07 ET

you look so much taller. but thats ok, you are the perfect hieght. i like tall guys (then again almost all are tall compaired to my 5 foot 2)

2002-07-29 19:04:58 ET

hehehe... adorable. i like shorter gurls anyways! *many snuggles for you!

2002-07-29 19:06:45 ET

hey im 5'2 also!!! (that may be pushing it) and i think except for ONE guy who was 5'11, i havent dated a guy under 6 foot. i didnt plan that.....its just weird....

2002-07-29 19:08:31 ET

yay. snuggles. all for me! back off hunny, i have this taken care of.
but im still not sharing.

2002-07-29 19:09:22 ET

i didnt ask....i just pointed out...
*sniff sniff* thats ok though have fun ;)

2002-07-29 19:10:44 ET

hahaha..... you silly folk. and yes, snuggles all for you....

2002-07-29 19:10:56 ET

haha, i think this is not up to me ultimatly though...

2002-07-29 19:10:57 ET

i've had 3 gfs that were 4'11"

2002-07-29 19:12:18 ET

damn! thats a legal midgit.
and look at you, girls bickering for you snuggles.

2002-07-29 19:12:36 ET

awwwwwwww i get snuggles too!!!! im special!!! i bring good music... danny elfman and soft pumpkins and soft nails and ummmmm....yeah...

2002-07-29 19:12:48 ET

yeah, only online though! here in town they cross the street to get away!

2002-07-29 19:13:39 ET

mmm danny elfman.

2002-07-29 19:14:37 ET

hmmmmmmmmm......must be the hat ;)

2002-07-29 19:16:06 ET

hey hey. i thought it said all for me. not for all. erk. snuggle slut. its because all the girls where you are have heard about you and are onto your little snuggle trickery.

2002-07-29 19:17:40 ET

haha. i thought i said they were all for you too.. she's persistant. and i love my hat ! lol.

2002-07-29 19:18:29 ET

yeah.....but i figure its cool....im an ex rock girl...i need to get another band going....ah well... and hey....guys are ok as long as they ADMIT to being snuggle sluts....better than other kinds o' sluts.... snuggle sluts and mix tape sluts rule!!

okies, im done now

2002-07-29 19:19:13 ET

so do others apparently.
well you do look nice in them. i like my winter hat that is eggplant colored and has a green stem on top. thats pimp.

2002-07-29 19:19:18 ET

thats ok....all for her...i understand :) tis cool...as long as theres SOMEONE decent....and they get with someone ELSE who's decent....im happy

2002-07-29 19:19:54 ET

lol...uhm, i sometimes wish i was a snuggle slut, cuz then i could say i got them.. but it doesnt happen.

2002-07-29 19:20:30 ET

so far she's more than decent, rarr! hehe.

2002-07-29 19:20:41 ET

poor lonely us. we will find you someone starshine. promise.

2002-07-29 19:22:35 ET

everyone should be happy!

2002-07-29 19:23:40 ET

yes. they should.

2002-07-29 19:23:48 ET

nah thats cool....no one can deal with me
im too much of a living contradiction who feels too much...it scares people...i need an angry sensitive poet/artist in some aspect...but theyre all gone!!!!!

damn prozac to monkey hell

2002-07-29 19:24:44 ET

prozac? ewww...

drugs are bad, mmkay!

2002-07-29 19:24:50 ET

haha, look at us, think we are sane? were not. join the party, everyones mad here.
litterally me. those are my innitials.

2002-07-29 19:25:49 ET

mine are ABU! hehe. *licks the MAD gurl* lol.

2002-07-29 19:26:53 ET

they tried to give me that stuff once like 7 years ago when i was 12 or so.....all i did was puke a lot

2002-07-29 19:27:13 ET

haha. god its too late for this insanity. ok, i lied its the perfect time if i didnt have to work early again. yuck. talk for 15 min more.
abu. intersting.

2002-07-29 19:28:40 ET

my parents are oblivious to my mental disorders, which might be for the best!

work. i want work. why wont they call me ! lol

2002-07-29 19:29:04 ET

or as oubliette likes to say "s and m?"
shes like cotton candy...all sweet and comforting

2002-07-29 19:30:29 ET

i love cotten candy, and those dippen dots things. ohh ::drolls::
ill clean that up later. i dont like to leave messes on other peoples journals.

2002-07-29 19:31:24 ET

naw dont worry about it :P

i love cotton candy as well... who wouldnt!

2002-07-29 19:32:17 ET

i think i know someone who doesnt.

2002-07-29 19:34:00 ET

they're not human! hehe.

2002-07-29 19:35:09 ET

no, my ex who didnt like ketchup wasnt human.

2002-07-29 19:36:40 ET

*raises eyebrow* ketchup? wow!

i think i'll ahve to steal you away from these weirdos!

2002-07-29 19:37:57 ET

go for it. i would be glad to leave. take me, please?

2002-07-29 19:39:35 ET

and i'd be glad to have you. mutually beneficial here...

2002-07-29 19:39:56 ET

exactly. liven up each others lives. show each other off to the friends.

2002-07-29 19:41:57 ET

give each other the attention we so richly need and deserve. definately.

2002-07-29 19:42:41 ET

exactly. nice to know our plans are similar.

2002-07-29 19:44:39 ET

definately. means we can make each other right happy.

2002-07-29 20:29:18 ET

You know adam...I think I might be getting jealous here!!!! Hahahahaha its coolI am not mean I share!!!!!!!!

2002-07-29 20:30:23 ET

haha the day anything comes out of this, yum. but until then, it's crackers and water for me!

2002-07-29 20:31:54 ET

hehehe in time my dear....12 days hahahahahaha

2002-07-29 20:32:43 ET

*looks at the calendar* when's that?

2002-07-29 20:34:04 ET

ummm.....*loks at calender* 12 days from now

2002-07-29 20:35:25 ET

hey.. that's the weekend of the bbq... i think... what day of the week? how you getting here?

2002-07-29 20:36:43 ET

flying to NY wit a friend and watching his apartment...so i can go there you can cum*-* here it doesnt matter

2002-07-29 20:36:54 ET

i arrive thursday

2002-07-29 20:38:09 ET

i see i see... so how are you getting here from NY?

2002-07-29 20:48:48 ET

flying.....i said that!!!

2002-07-29 20:50:22 ET

hehe. you're crazy, but that's a good thing!

2002-07-29 21:35:21 ET


2002-07-29 21:36:48 ET

yes... i like crazy, i can deal with crazy, i'm crazy!

i need a purse or something..

2002-07-29 21:48:30 ET

i have a few what do you want it to look like?

2002-07-29 21:48:59 ET

I liked your little poem...kinda odd

2002-07-29 21:49:37 ET

uhm, something comfy and black, for when i wear my pocketless pants. they're sexy!

2002-07-29 21:51:42 ET

i have a big fuzzy one thats is black and red would look god with your jacket

2002-07-29 21:53:26 ET

hehehe. sounds nice.....
i'm going to have to keep my eye out for a practical one...

i need mroe clothes, always more clothes. flattering ones of course.

2002-07-29 21:55:50 ET

i have clothngthAt wouls fit you you andjas are aroundthe same size...

2002-07-29 21:57:12 ET

adam needs a sexy corset. and a sexy collar. and sexy pants. and sexy boots. and sexy everything. lol

2002-07-29 22:04:16 ET

hahahaha i can do sexy anything....at a price but i can sell to you at fabric cost since i roc like that

2002-07-29 22:06:28 ET

sexy pics baby....not what i am into but if i was tere i would lick your "wounds" hehhe

2002-07-29 22:07:01 ET

well, at some point in time i'll have to make use of your services indeed. :)

2002-07-29 22:07:47 ET

hehehe... i think phil would freak out if you did that... you'd have to wait til later ;)

i SO need to do it again!

2002-07-29 22:09:38 ET

hahahahahaha well i am oing to top commenting on this since yuo have way more then 50 responses and try to go i bed wuv ya my canadian weirdo!!!

2002-07-29 22:11:02 ET

i should find that waterbed of mine i should. damn internal clock! LET ME SLEEP! hehe.

aww i'm wuvved! weeee!!!!

2002-07-29 22:13:57 ET

# 100!!!yeah

2002-07-30 07:45:48 ET

I feel sorry for anyone with dialup trying to view this forum. tee hee.

Adam needs to shave. and shower. and not feel so gross.

2002-07-30 08:41:16 ET

Pretty pictures for a very beautiful boy. <3

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