2002-08-07 12:07:54 ET

not much really going on in my life as of right now. just need to do alot of thinking, decide what about my life is worth it. and where i wanna head with it.

2002-08-07 12:17:02 ET


good luck on the quest....but if you look too hard, you may find nothing....

good luck ;)

2002-08-07 14:27:35 ET

Good luck my dear...I am here with you!!!! *smooooooch*

2002-08-07 17:04:58 ET

yeah this is gonna take me a while.

2002-08-08 20:07:10 ET

i haven't been around much have I? I'm sorry..if you need anything at all..just let me know sweetie. Just smile at nothing..if you do it long enough then a reason pops up.

2002-08-08 21:22:59 ET

smile..... that doesnt happen much. i'm just not that type of person. i laugh alot since it's the best way to cope. and i just find alot of things funny...

2002-08-10 19:53:05 ET

just think of a chipmunk in a tuxedo tap dancing and falling over cuz his tap shoes are too big!!

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