2002-08-13 08:33:07 ET

Well, it's all over. She's gone.

We need to have our own service for her, something that doesn't involve jesus. fucking bull services...


2002-08-13 08:36:48 ET

i am very sorry..

2002-08-13 08:39:02 ET

i'm sorry :( <3

2002-08-13 08:45:07 ET

Maybe you could have a Goodbye thingy... Sorry though...

2002-08-13 08:53:43 ET

Awwwwe dear....i understands....yo will get your *cheer up* package shortly

2002-08-13 09:15:42 ET

thank you all... A bunch of us were going to walk down to her grave, but I think it was just for family at that point. So I'll be talking to Jaime and find out when everyone else is going. or maybe i'll go alone one night...

2002-08-13 13:40:04 ET

I hope you heal quickly. I know how it is to loose someone. <3

2002-08-13 18:03:06 ET

I've never loosened someone. weirdo!

now, loss is something else... :P

2002-08-13 19:32:08 ET

Hehehehehehe!!!!! lots of hugs for Adam!!!

2002-08-13 19:36:42 ET

God I feel like an idiot.

2002-08-14 06:50:24 ET

hehe... don't worry about it. I just like bugging people about small things like that. Always getting the wrong tense of words

2002-08-14 08:05:31 ET

Well, Im usually pretty good about such things. I think it's because when I commented I was in a rush to get back to work. Blah!

2002-08-14 09:01:58 ET

haha. it's ok. it was at the very least, amusing.

2002-08-14 13:20:04 ET

Hee. :]

2002-08-14 20:16:48 ET

YAH!! *

2002-08-14 20:16:48 ET

YAH!! *

2002-08-14 20:16:49 ET

YAH!! *

2002-08-14 20:17:14 ET

YAH! * rapes and runs *

2002-08-15 06:30:25 ET

It's a sad sad day when grown boys can get raped by passing little gurls.

2002-08-15 08:04:13 ET

Grown my ass!

2002-08-15 10:21:07 ET

i'll show you grown alrite!

2002-08-15 14:14:37 ET

Wanna step? Ill fuck you up, bizzotch! ;]

2002-08-15 14:50:25 ET

I'm not that little but yah.. * rapes again *

2002-08-15 17:55:10 ET

Huh...hhahahahaha my money is on CaterpillarGirl!!! hahahaha

2002-08-15 18:22:54 ET

Hah. Daaaaaaaaaaaaamned skippy!

2002-08-15 19:00:50 ET

LMAO.... My moneys on caterpillar too!

2002-08-15 21:04:52 ET

Hahahha. I r0x0r.

2002-08-15 22:41:49 ET

YAH! Oh yah its yo b-day... um.. when is your b-day?

2002-08-16 06:35:01 ET

Hahahahaha. Not until October.

2002-08-18 10:58:58 ET

Mines November not that anyone cares LMAO....

2002-08-19 16:44:06 ET

No faith in me whatsoever! Maybe I won't add the new pics of me..... haha

2002-08-19 17:36:52 ET

[sarc] Oh darn.

2002-08-19 21:30:01 ET

*much fist shaking*

2002-08-19 21:57:20 ET

[shakes fist]

2002-08-20 14:27:48 ET

*Rapes Majin Hard *

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