2002-10-10 12:25:32 ET

so it's been ages. and, i have nothing to tell you. nobody here really talks to me much anymore. cept for a couple people. probably cuz my conversations are about as interesting as this post. i go now.

2002-10-10 12:28:34 ET

well if you updated more...

2002-10-10 12:32:10 ET

....i never talked to you before. so hi. :-D

2002-10-10 12:39:08 ET

hi, i'm a hermit too.

2002-10-10 14:05:24 ET

meiko- BAH!

skankin - hi. n stuff.

twilight - yay! i love hermits. and ps, my sunset's purple tonight, :)

2002-10-10 14:38:25 ET

::sly smile::
oh so elite.

2002-10-10 15:42:55 ET

bah-elitism bad.
hey adam...long time no see

2002-10-12 20:36:02 ET

*hugs* ADAM

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