2002-10-15 09:31:22 ET

Sunday was an awesome night...... went to the 80's night at the bar. Good number of my friends were there. Lots of kisses licks and gropes from them too! Well, mostly Lou, but he's crazy. Meaghan felt left out so she joined... no complaints. It was super busy there though, I mean I had to stand in line to get in! jebus. No strangers came and talked to me this time though.

2002-10-15 16:28:40 ET

I want 80s night. I want gropes, dammit! ;) Sounds like you had a good time

2002-10-15 16:35:36 ET

yeah i need a nice night like that every once in a while, just so as i wont snap. gropes are nice, as long as you dont mind who's doing it. luckily most people find me scary looking, so only people that have met me generally grope me. but seriously, if you came to 80's night you'd get swarmed!

2002-10-16 10:35:00 ET

I need to get groped whenever I walk into clubs. Just a couple gropes and a kiss or two is all I ask for.

2002-10-16 10:36:38 ET

haha yeah it's nice. doesnt happen often, but sometimes ya can get lucky

2002-10-16 10:37:52 ET

i hope :P

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