2002-10-17 22:09:04 ET

had a good night with rob and ralph. met some new people. saw a new place. and i've even got poking plans underway. also, rob gave me some of the pics from his camera that were taken at the pull. so, those interested i'll be scanning them tomorrow...

2002-10-17 22:35:33 ET

go to sleep!!

2002-10-18 05:18:58 ET

Hmm...sounds interesting.

2002-10-18 06:04:03 ET

pull?.....owie owie owie.....LOL

2002-10-18 06:36:57 ET

me go to sleep! you shoulda been sleeping too...

*goes about scanning*

2002-10-18 14:12:45 ET

I wanna see new Adam pics..hopefully I will be able to see adam nakie *evil grin* hehehehehehehehehehe

2002-10-18 22:14:09 ET

hahaha... well, i'm half naked in the pics. though my friends that see me only by my pictures sometimes have trouble recognizing me. my hair's all tied up because I didn't want any blood in it. But there's a sweet closeup of my back. If i see you on AIM i'll send them to you...

2002-10-19 07:17:08 ET

*faints* hehehehehehe I feel like a gidy school girl. Oh yeah...I found some pretty cheap airfare but it is only one way and I have to make like 3 connections....hahahaha I might have to live with you if I cant find away home!

2002-10-19 07:26:59 ET

haha. i wouldnt complain, but i think my parents would. they're uh... creepy christians? but keep lookin! :)

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