2002-10-19 09:04:48 ET

today is a pull my hair out i'm so bored day!!

why did i get up before noon... silly me...

2002-10-19 09:18:21 ET

exactly...because youre silly
silly sillyness

2002-10-19 09:29:14 ET

haha. well, it wasnt so bad. i got to talk to a few people before they ran away for the day. so that was a few minutes of entertainment. i just dont feel awake today. maybe that's the problem

2002-10-19 09:42:31 ET

that blows small house-trained sheep

it could be worse, it could be a pull my piercings out and see what happens im so bored day

2002-10-19 09:45:16 ET

naw that's not exciting...... i already know exactly what happens...

2002-10-19 09:46:23 ET

you turn into matthew lillard from a stoopid movie?

2002-10-19 09:47:51 ET

i dont even know who that is.

2002-10-19 09:52:06 ET

thats ok....
no big loss

2002-10-19 09:52:39 ET

it's probably not exciting.

2002-10-19 09:59:55 ET

nah...he had his housekey on a navel piercing thing and it got ripped out...was kinda funny in that pathetic sense....

so what IS the ultimate state of boredom?

2002-10-19 10:02:34 ET

haha. serves him right.

i dunno. i might just reach it. it's somewhere beyond staring blankly at nothing for hours.

2002-10-19 10:06:40 ET

sounds like watching tv

2002-10-19 10:07:37 ET

too bored to even masturbate, how's that for ultimate boredom!

2002-10-19 10:08:13 ET

oh dear goddess....that bored!!!!

thats something serious!

2002-10-19 10:08:42 ET

that's what i'm talking about. i need help.

2002-10-19 12:42:07 ET

poor thing

2002-10-19 12:45:16 ET

and how.

2002-10-19 20:19:14 ET

I could help you if you are bored *wink wink*

2002-10-19 20:23:39 ET

oh yah? i like it when people stave my boredom.

2002-10-21 10:51:16 ET

damn...wish i had that luxery.

2002-10-21 10:52:51 ET

luxury of?

2002-10-21 14:57:08 ET

sleeping in until noon.

2002-10-21 16:51:35 ET

ahh. it's not as great as it sounds.

2002-10-22 11:21:43 ET

yes it is. i did it all summer as i worked night shift.

2002-10-23 06:58:21 ET

mmmm graveyeard shifts rock mah socks

2002-10-23 11:48:37 ET

Hell yeah.

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