2002-10-22 22:05:25 ET

go here to see what i'm doing for halloween

2002-10-23 07:21:53 ET

I have to be the only asshole who is passing out candy.

2002-10-23 07:25:29 ET

hahaha. can i have some candy?

2002-10-23 07:43:33 ET

sure thing. ring the doorbell.

2002-10-23 07:48:31 ET

that sounds like work.

2002-10-23 08:54:20 ET

it's the press of a button, dear

2002-10-23 09:19:44 ET

oh, in that case. *DING DONG* :P

2002-10-23 11:09:49 ET

heh heh heh

2002-10-23 12:02:43 ET


make auntie emily proud

2002-10-23 12:08:06 ET

oh i will

2002-10-23 12:08:39 ET

It was with these guys that I did my first pull. This time hopefully we can put on an even better show. :)

2002-10-26 10:18:54 ET

that reminds me a lot of the jim rose circus.

2002-10-26 16:14:51 ET

We dont have any contortionists... and i dont think we could get any long needles. which sux cuz rob was gonna do some skewers..

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