2002-11-04 13:26:54 ET

It's been a bit, I was down in windsor for a couple days with friends over halloween doing a fetish show. Things were hectic, but everything turned out the be fun in the end. For pictures of thursday, go here. and as for friday i just went to the club, and danced and bothered friends. it's at least nice seeing all of those people again. i missed them.

only downfall of the whole weekend, still didn't get laid! wtf! hahaah.....

2002-11-05 09:50:04 ET

*kissesssssssssssssssssssssssss lots and lots... hugs befer drugs

2002-11-05 20:39:19 ET

well thank you...

still doesnt fix things though. hehe

2002-11-07 22:54:10 ET

Adam, I'll have sex with you. If by sex you mean eat dinner at your expense.

Does this make me a slut?

2002-11-08 08:05:58 ET

you are the biggest slut around peter. we all love you long time!

2002-11-16 21:22:31 ET

the neck pictures were the ones that made me squeamish. my neck skin bothers me a lot though...

2002-11-16 22:52:20 ET

yeah that pretty much grossed everyone out. it wasn't really painful !!!

2002-11-16 23:26:50 ET

Sucky sucky, my good man...

Sucky sucky. ;)

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