2002-12-02 08:30:23 ET

So we've got over 2 feet of snow now. it was warm out one day, the next day it's like a blizzard out there! and it just keeps snowing. it's really fluffy n all, so it looks bigger than it really is. but still, it's quite a shocker. It's also supposed to go down to -20 degrees tonight, and our fireplace isn't working. boo!

2002-12-02 08:36:02 ET

Awww, sorry about the fire place :(
Have fun in the snow :)

2002-12-02 09:40:40 ET

*faints* Thats half my height almost....I would be swallowed by snow! Hold me!

2002-12-02 12:18:24 ET

haha, 2 feet of snow. I hate snow.

I <3 Adam. Ohh do I ever...

2002-12-02 13:22:52 ET

Yeah we're supposed to be getting another foot of it too. hhehehe. nothing like getting soaked! i look odd in all that white.

2002-12-04 16:17:57 ET

*Sings 'O canada'* I'm looking at about 4-6 inches tomorrow.

2002-12-04 20:34:02 ET

now do it in french!!!

2002-12-04 21:05:38 ET


2002-12-05 03:05:48 ET

american born, dearie....i know no french

2002-12-05 04:09:22 ET

Je suis Américain né aussi. ..I sait parler quelques français!

2002-12-05 06:26:19 ET

yeah it's been -20 a few times this week! it's pretty horrible. I don't mind the days that it's calm though, wind is the evil thing.

the french anthem isn't difficult... I had to learn it since I went to french immersion...

2002-12-06 03:05:57 ET

Note: We are plowing through about 8 inches in CT

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