2002-12-19 12:39:33 ET


I haven't started anything for xmas. and I don't really want to. on xmas i have to have a family dinner here, then the next day i'm off to goderich for another family dinner, with lots of people. it's gonna be lame. like most things. I'm still unsure about my plans for new years too.

2002-12-19 13:10:20 ET

Don't feel bad I don't have really anything planned either..

2002-12-19 13:31:11 ET

I hate the holidays. I don't like traditions in any way, and when I'm out of here, I doubt I'll be celebrating things on my own terms.

2002-12-19 13:37:23 ET

heheh good thing your b-day isn't on x-mas like mine is...hehe
The only thing good about x-mas is getting presents I could give a shit about the rest..lol

2002-12-19 13:38:25 ET

Yeah, for me, getting presents is usually just as stressful. You get bathroom accessories for xmas and see how you feel. lol.

can i call you mrs jesus?

2002-12-19 13:52:46 ET

Oh no I have gotten the bathroom accesories crap too.. or how about the ugly knitted sweater that came from the bargain rack.. I remember once my grandma sent me mens colonge..I wonder what she was thinking...

sure you can call me mrs jesus

2002-12-19 19:26:41 ET

I just had my xmas with my family like an hour ago...I got a snow cone machine! Last year I got a cotton candy maker...my dad use to be a carny...I think it is starting to show again!

2002-12-19 21:05:38 ET

mrs jesus - i havent gotten the ugly sweater yet, but when i say bathroom accessories i dont even mean useful ones. i mean parts to fix the toilet and rubber gloves for cleaning...

2002-12-19 21:06:33 ET

stacy - i want some snow cones! mmm.. cotton candy flavoured ones :P

and xmas already? enh. better than being traditional.

2002-12-20 06:13:58 ET

I am visiting for the weekend and then they are leaving on some tropical trip...and I am taking my little brother to Indiana to see his grandparents! So yeah...we arnt to traditional!

2002-12-20 06:53:52 ET

That's cool then... My parents are all about family and tradition. I hate both of those things. Not enjoying my holiday season!

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