2003-01-07 06:29:08 ET

I need a jogging/workout partner. I feel like I'm getting fat. I hate that feeling. In other news, at least london now has a decent goth night on saturdays. I shall be checking it out quite soon indeed...

2003-01-07 10:14:37 ET

if ct-canada weren't such a trip, i'd join you

2003-01-07 11:30:06 ET

yeah that's a bit far ! hehe. but thanks.

2003-01-08 03:43:10 ET

i bet it would be a good jog, though

2003-01-08 19:34:19 ET

i'll jog at the gym, you jog in canada. we'll be motivation partners.

2003-01-08 19:37:38 ET

hehe. how're we gonna motivate each other while jogging? cell phones? lol

2003-01-09 03:03:55 ET

cell phone headsets?

2003-01-10 19:47:44 ET

Hmmmmm.... what's your AOL SN hun?

2003-01-11 20:41:03 ET


2003-01-12 07:44:43 ET

uhm... yes, london... good boi?

2003-01-13 12:56:59 ET

blah jogging, heroin = easier ways of keep weight down... forget spending money on food :)

2003-01-13 13:31:46 ET

haaha. as much fun as needles are, i'm not puttin that crap in me!

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