2003-01-20 21:05:04 ET

well, I was on TLC tonight.. which is neato. here's the listing for those of you who get that show. :)


2003-01-20 21:07:07 ET


2003-01-20 21:09:20 ET

TLC = the learning channel. yknow, national television heheh

2003-01-20 21:11:03 ET

yeah bit what were you on for

2003-01-20 21:13:51 ET

im soo gonna watch that. neatness. i have to wait till the 25th tho..i just missed it.. boo

2003-01-20 21:15:46 ET

yeah i missed the first airing. but i caught me the second time. and all my friends. it's neat!

i was just on a little montage at the beginning, it's all about body modification.

how it happened is i was at a bbq and i was asked if i felt like being on tv. lol

2003-01-20 21:19:04 ET

ha thats great. was it a mod bbq? like a bme thing, or just your everyday bbq?

2003-01-20 21:20:52 ET

yeah bme bbq.at shannon's old place. that's what the suspension footage is from. that same day. at least the one of the guy going up on his knees...

2003-01-20 21:23:32 ET

mmmm sexy Adam on TV I must tape it and watch in over and over! hahaha

2003-01-20 21:23:57 ET

wow thats gotta be fun. i need to attend one of those, but im rather far.

2003-01-20 21:25:35 ET

do you get TLC stacy???

erin- where are ya? i've been to so many...

2003-01-20 21:27:52 ET

I do....but I have to wait until the 25th...

2003-01-20 21:29:27 ET

ooh. international superstar adam...

2003-01-20 21:29:44 ET

im in IL. theres never any functions (that i know of) here

2003-01-20 21:30:52 ET

yeah it's tough to find people near you willign to do any functions. luckily i'm near the heart of it all. that and i'm in a bunch of the suspension shows now. haha.

also, i technically dont know where IL is on the map.

2003-01-21 12:32:00 ET

As I watched the intro I said to myself "Hey, that's Majin Adam!"


BTW: I heard that you were modified. Somewhere. Not sure.

2003-01-21 12:36:20 ET

hahaha.. *shakes fist at you* yeah i'm a tv superstar. someone asked me for an autograph...... but they werent serious. destroyed MY DREAMS!

heck. shannon gave me props on his page. imagine the hits i got off that!

2003-01-21 12:54:44 ET


2003-01-21 13:01:02 ET


2003-01-26 21:28:33 ET

Jesus and I root for your very being!

2003-01-26 21:29:55 ET

awww i miss my peter!

2003-01-28 22:45:21 ET

Soon, I, and secrets, or well, just me, will come reveal myself in person!

That sounds awfully perverse, but that's okay.

2003-01-29 05:09:18 ET

yeah, that's one way to meet new people. a la paul reubens.

2003-01-31 12:24:31 ET

He made a close connection with the police!

They can always help you against criminals.

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