2003-01-21 12:29:42 ET

ok so i made a section for webcam shots. i'll update it now and again with different newer shots. those are me with a pinstripe jacket on.

2003-01-21 18:08:43 ET

you still need to shave...if you have shaved...well do it again! hahahahaha your still purdy

2003-01-21 19:35:32 ET

yeah i havent gotten that far yet. lol

2003-01-23 03:47:53 ET

pretty sexy...

2003-01-23 05:55:02 ET

hehe. glad you think so...

2003-01-23 06:13:05 ET

Your webcam shots make me feel like a peeping tom pervert! I love it. ; )

2003-01-23 06:41:30 ET

haha. cleverly stuck behind my monitor... *eek! pervert!* ;)

2003-01-23 07:22:49 ET

Ha ha. Don't make any sudden moves when you don't have your pants on. Wait!!! DO make sudden moves when you don't have your pants on!!!

2003-01-23 07:58:17 ET

Yess! do so... lol... I have a webcam too but I rarely use it

2003-01-23 10:13:51 ET

I just take random pictures with it. so i think i'm safe with the whole sudden moves with my cock out. i dont need to subject you people to that!

2003-01-23 10:21:15 ET

Why not?

2003-01-23 10:57:37 ET

Cuz i'm insecure! :P

I figure if someone really wants to see me naked, they can come over.

2003-01-23 11:05:16 ET


Good point.

2003-01-23 11:44:39 ET

there are lots of 'almost' naked pictures.....

2003-01-23 12:07:24 ET

Whoo! Point me in THAT direction!

2003-01-23 12:24:57 ET

haha i cant put them up here. they involve blood.

2003-01-23 15:01:46 ET

blood is good! :)

2003-01-23 19:02:11 ET

Weakned is right. Blood kicks ass.

2003-01-23 19:05:42 ET

well i'd love to add them, but blood = goodbye. syko and I had this conversation. that's why i offer some of them to people who want them via email.

2003-01-25 09:10:18 ET

send them to me

2003-01-25 10:29:27 ET

i should make some online gallery or something

2003-01-25 13:34:04 ET

I totally agree with you, then you won't have to keep sending them to everyone. You can just me like... uhh visit the gallery. see ya :)

2003-01-25 13:34:11 ET

hmmm... nice

2003-01-25 14:17:00 ET

i should. but, maybe later. lol.

2003-01-25 20:23:55 ET

Hot hot adam...millions of girls swoon at the site of you. hahahahahaha!!!! *molests adam*

2003-01-25 23:29:39 ET

when you say millions you really mean 3 right? hehhe

2003-01-26 06:15:55 ET

3 wow babe your moving up! lol...you know I wuv ya...kinda sorta not really...well maybe!

2003-01-26 07:42:01 ET

hahaha.. well as long as it's kinda sorta not really maybe!

2003-01-26 15:09:57 ET

lol... you're a pimp

2003-01-26 20:24:53 ET

oh yeah he is a pimp...hehehehehe

2003-01-26 20:36:18 ET

dont tempt me. i've got a pimpin jacket n everything!

2003-01-27 09:08:54 ET

take pictures :)

2003-01-27 10:08:06 ET

no i really dont look good in brown

2003-01-27 10:20:13 ET

I saw Adams nipple last night...lol

2003-01-27 12:22:48 ET

haha... that's nothing special!

2003-01-27 13:02:19 ET


2003-01-27 13:24:28 ET

they're just nipples... smalls ones at that.

2003-01-27 14:03:10 ET

ur lucky...

2003-01-27 15:01:21 ET

who me? lol

2003-01-27 15:04:14 ET

whoever saw your nipples. lol

2003-01-27 15:09:09 ET

haha. soo not exciting. i'm a boy. boys go topless lots.

2003-01-27 15:13:18 ET

yeah but it's sexy... to me at least.. YuMmY!

2003-01-27 17:50:01 ET

hmmmm...well...I am stepping out of this conversation...
his nipples arnt that sexy....Adam is sexy...but his nipples look like nipples..hehehehehehe

2003-01-27 18:00:22 ET

hehehe. i'm with stacy.

2003-01-27 18:02:55 ET

oh yeah...I win...hahahaha *dances*

2003-01-27 18:10:38 ET


2003-01-28 10:42:30 ET

ok then I stand corrected.

2003-01-28 11:21:16 ET

*smooches your forehead* i'm canadian. toplessness is pretty commonground. everyone's allowed to do it.

2003-01-28 14:09:11 ET

:) sweetheart... yeah well here too. Canadian guys are yummy.

2003-01-28 19:41:58 ET

women are allowed topless in the states?

2003-01-28 20:48:16 ET

Not that I am aware of....but you know...for some reason I am very unaware of my surroundings...dammit dammit all to Cleveland

2003-01-28 20:53:30 ET

The rare thing to see is not Adam topless it is adam smiling...
Feb. is just a few days away...and the 5th is coming strong...well...hehehe...just like you *wink wink*

2003-01-29 03:39:25 ET

No I'm talking about men... women go topless in Canada? ahhh!

2003-01-29 05:08:39 ET

oh is the 5th the magical date? :)

yeah women are allowed to go topless. at least here in ontario. anywhere a man can go without a shirt so can a woman

2003-01-29 08:22:29 ET

that is really... weird...

2003-01-29 08:26:23 ET

Pretty sure that the 5th is the date...I am still looking into places to stay so I dont freak your parents out! hahahahah If anything I can just live under your covers...

2003-01-29 11:54:16 ET

haha. places to stay. motor court on dundas! motel sex! hahaha... if you come on the 5th, i'm dragging you out on the 6th. birthday massacre is playing and i have to go.

2003-01-29 18:58:32 ET

sounds good!

2003-01-29 21:18:49 ET

but that's only if you're coming?

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