2003-02-04 09:31:58 ET

been on a downloading binge the last couple days. which is goodness for my ears. I stayed up til 6am listening to a friend's radio program. nothing special happening in my life to report though, just the mundane.

2003-02-04 11:51:12 ET

mundane r us

2003-02-04 11:52:34 ET

yes... so i made lemonade. and i'm eating german glazed ginger cookies. (cuz i cant spell the german word for them .hehe pfeffernusse??)

2003-02-04 12:36:09 ET

Oooh! What all are you downloading?? I just recently found out there was such a thing as internet radio... it makes me happy! Then it makes me sad that we can't have stations like that on normal radio... oh well!

2003-02-04 12:41:45 ET

yeah totally! It was awesome listening to my friend jeremy on the radio...

I've been downloading johnny cash stuff, nick cave stuff, some mr bungles..... lots

2003-02-04 12:57:27 ET

awesome! I just downloaded Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt"... I never would have guessed he'd cover a NIN song so I had to hear it for myself! I've been downloading stuff like crazy also and made an MP3 cd of 200 songs last night to play on my awesome MP3-CD player, so I had good music to listen to all day today.

2003-02-04 13:01:25 ET

200 songs? either that's a big cd or small songs. i only ever get like 160 on my cds. he does a bunch of other awesome covers! you'll have to check em out. i love download binges hehe

2003-02-08 12:07:46 ET

all hail kazaa... have you ever heard mindless self indulgence?
and if you like mr.bungle, have you heard lovage, fantomas or tomahawk? (mike patton's other projects)

2003-02-08 12:10:58 ET

i downloaded some other mr bungle, and it was crap. honestly. i dunno maybe it was just the one song. that happens sometimes!

yeah i've liked msi for a few years now... great stuff...

i've been hooked on some softer stuff lately.

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