2003-02-04 11:35:01 ET

Yeah I think I've got about half of the songs i wanted to grab, not too shabby. this is too much work sometimes. I dont even know why i'm posting, I guess I feel ignored by people. oh well. back to music and my fantasy world!

2003-02-04 12:05:35 ET

music solves life.

2003-02-04 12:06:17 ET

so does hairdye for that matter.

(feels the tingle tingle of being a loreal-red-box-junkie)

2003-02-04 12:20:47 ET

well aren't you fancy! My hair's half grown out it's so long since a dye job.

2003-02-04 12:21:48 ET

you should dye with me. :D it feels so good nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh. *wiggles around* hehe.

2003-02-04 12:23:29 ET

that sounded almost too goth for words. "Dye with me"
yes i know it's horrible!

I'm all mellow today. quite the opposite of yesterday's morning rage

2003-02-04 12:25:15 ET

hehe. that's why i wrote it. a little cheese for everyone...

it's good to be mellow. best damn feeling in the world. wish i could be there with ya.

2003-02-04 12:27:00 ET

It's totally because of last night. Had a great convo with a friend, and listened to Jeremy's radio broadcast for like 4 hours. I've got the new nick cave album, i'm just set!

2003-02-04 12:47:35 ET

rockin. :D

yeah. i'm in a bad mood. very bad. *sizzle*

but let me tell you -- the hair came out very nice. : )

2003-02-04 12:50:03 ET

you'll have to share with the group!

why a bad mood? you need some of my extrasour lemonade.

2003-02-04 12:53:03 ET

the boy has gone missing... on purpose. he hasnt called. that makes me frustrated.

my update tells all. also my being hit in the face with a soccer ball this morning.

and the person who was supposed to come over has gone missing as well. time to use the phone. *rolls eyes annoyed*

2003-02-04 12:53:15 ET

extrasour? hehe. i'll add sugar...

2003-02-04 12:54:45 ET

no no sour is good.

boys are nothing but trouble i tells ya!
they all need a good kicking.

2003-02-04 12:55:24 ET

seriously they do. i hate them. with a passion. the only thing they got going is dicks.

2003-02-04 12:58:24 ET

haha. no really most of us DONT have that going for us. trust me. i like my androgeny!

2003-02-04 12:59:15 ET

(laughing) i like the cock. that's about it these days.

2003-02-04 12:59:42 ET

well at least you're getting laid? lol

2003-02-04 13:00:08 ET

meh. i'd like a phonecall more sometimes.

2003-02-04 13:02:36 ET

that good eh? i'm horrible for phoning people sometimes. i usually dont feel the need to talk to someone EVERY day.

2003-02-04 13:16:02 ET

i believe that if you're dating someone then you can stand them enough to phone them daily... hehe.

2003-02-04 13:18:37 ET

naw. well ok maybe. i had a gf and i saw here for a couple hours EVERY day at school, but she'd insist that i called her as soon as i got home. needless to say i NEVER called her.

2003-02-04 14:37:47 ET

lol. that's a little overkill. i dont see him every day as he lives an hour away.

2003-02-04 20:31:24 ET

ugh. i hate long distance. doesnt work for mr me.

2003-02-05 04:44:47 ET

How can you feel ignored by all these comments? If it makes you feel any better.....I'm lonely too.

2003-02-05 07:13:54 ET

Actually it was directed at somebody, who's still not talked to me. But oh well. Whining seems to get you people to talk to me more! lol

2003-02-05 08:41:10 ET

HEEEEEEEYYYYYY BaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBY! Well Good News Bad News...Obviously the 5th is not the magic number...damn bitch...I think I might claw her eyes out when she gets back...I am trying though...trust me!

2003-02-05 12:52:12 ET

see like i said!

hehe. yeah it's pretty obvious by this point... oh well.

2003-02-05 16:39:38 ET


2003-02-05 20:36:43 ET

just sayin it was obvious you werent coming by the 5th... it's ok. i'm a patient boy. *squeeze*

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