2003-02-06 15:04:38 ET

Off tonight to see the wonderful Peter

at the birthday massacre show of course...

2003-02-07 01:20:56 ET

You did indeed!

2003-02-07 07:09:04 ET

yay peter!!! :)

i hope my instructions were simple to follow yes?

2003-02-07 22:42:34 ET

Well, I'm here now. :)

Very simple. However, Lots of cops. What the hell was up that night?

2003-02-08 06:40:15 ET

I have no idea! I didn't even see anything on the news about it...

2003-02-11 06:48:43 ET

oh well. We'll blame the midgets.

btw, what was the thing you were taking for your scar tissue?

2003-02-11 07:07:46 ET

silicea. (schuessler's biochemic salt #12)

2003-02-11 07:08:17 ET

either in a 6x or 12x

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