2003-02-08 12:01:08 ET

I updated the webcam shots section. it's saturday, i'm off to SOS eventually...

2003-02-09 08:04:03 ET

Oooh! I like the new pictures! More for me to drool over :) You have such pretty long hair...

2003-02-09 08:19:15 ET

My hair needs dying... but yeah it's nicely long. it's always doing weird things. hehe

2003-02-09 18:54:06 ET

Nice roots. Going for the Amir Derik look? ;]

2003-02-09 23:45:09 ET

er... i'll just nod! since i 'totally' know who that is.

2003-02-10 07:10:51 ET

The synth player from Orgy.

2003-02-10 07:53:14 ET

oh right... uh yeah, he's my HERO!

2003-02-10 08:08:59 ET

Hahah. :]
I was initially jsut giving you shit about your roots, dear. ;]

2003-02-10 08:21:15 ET

I just like being an ass...

2003-02-10 16:04:00 ET

I know it. :]

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