2003-02-12 07:43:59 ET

Amazing weekend... at least most of it. Things have been rather weird lately too. the weather's pretty shitty off and on, and i've been seeing alot of friends. right now i'm just cooking me some lunch. My mom's home sick, so that's a bother. She makes me very uncomfy.

2003-02-12 07:52:34 ET

I could make you comfy!

2003-02-12 07:54:48 ET

well, hopefully i feel better later when hanging out with my friend... so when're you coming up? :P

2003-02-12 08:49:41 ET

oi yes its much better whne your alone with no one to bother you at home.

2003-02-12 13:10:54 ET

yeah and then i can listen to loud music and sing . i dont get that chance all the time.

2003-02-12 16:32:20 ET

yes that kind of time is very precious.

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