2003-02-14 05:16:18 ET

This could be interesting.

2003-02-14 06:50:39 ET


2003-02-14 07:20:45 ET

It all could be, but is it?

2003-02-14 08:12:39 ET

DAmn. no candy for adam. i always hope!

2003-02-14 08:58:56 ET


2003-02-14 09:01:59 ET

i need cinnamon hearts. nobody loves me!

2003-02-14 09:02:23 ET

and yes that was a cry for help. someone give me candy! i put out! lol

2003-02-14 09:04:22 ET

I dont have any candy, either, if it makes you feel any better..

2003-02-14 09:07:44 ET

naw it doesnt really. that's like saying some kid's starving in ethiopa when i whine about being hungry. doesn't change a damn thing! lol

2003-02-14 09:22:13 ET

Ethiopian cannibals!

2003-02-14 09:24:00 ET

keep your fantasies outta my forum!

2003-02-14 09:25:14 ET

Sorry. Sometimes I just cant help myself. ;]

2003-02-14 09:33:46 ET

i've noticed...

any plans tonight?

2003-02-14 13:10:36 ET

I have a friend that is Ethiopian...he isnt starving! I have candy...I am going to the post office on monday to mail your CDs and I will send you candy!

2003-02-14 17:09:56 ET

Going to a party. It will be raaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

2003-02-14 19:33:10 ET

yeah put some stamps on yourself there stacy, people who give me candy get a lil something in return!! ;)

2003-02-14 19:33:30 ET

i NEEED cinnamon hearts though. oh they make me crazy

2003-02-14 20:06:45 ET

I am going to try to mail myself one day! That would be awesome! Wanna be my late Valentine...I will treat you bad and bite you a few times...but you should enjoy it!

2003-02-14 20:23:41 ET

you come here bearing the gift of candy and biting, and i'll say yes to alot of things. lol

but i dont celebrate valentines..

2003-02-15 10:30:00 ET

Hah. Rock on. V-day is lame!

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