2003-03-01 23:52:49 ET

Yeah I added a new pic to the webcam section for those of you that like eye candy.

2003-03-01 23:55:26 ET

woohoo for eye candy

2003-03-08 07:49:30 ET

The "Majin" part of your name wouldn't happen to be from Dragon ball Z, would it?

2003-03-08 23:18:13 ET

but of course it would. and so would the majin tattoo. heheh

2003-03-09 10:37:03 ET

Awesome man. I had always wondered about that

2003-03-09 10:40:53 ET

I think it's a healthy obsession. Granted, i'm talking about the real original japanese version, not this tripe americanized shit.

2003-03-09 10:50:09 ET

ha ha ha ha ha, well, to each their own.

I am having difficulty locating the tattoo

2003-03-09 21:06:53 ET

syko likes it when we keep the mod content to a minimum. it's just under my navel .. .

2003-03-09 23:52:28 ET

Ahhhhhhh, gotcha

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