2003-03-22 09:13:24 ET

Saturday, which means video games, and watching hot people dance at the club. Better than the rest of the week that's for damn sure.

I added some more recent photos to the webcam section

2003-03-22 18:03:43 ET

a color other then black?!
and white at that!


2003-03-23 08:01:43 ET

hahaha. yeah rob gave me that shirt. he knew i could pull it off better than he could. lol

2003-03-24 06:28:59 ET

sexy, sexy! haha! Ooh! Video games... what games do you play? That's about what my entire spring break consisted of was getting wasted and playing video games... such a productive little ninja I am... yes. ninja... sorry. I'm hyped up on caffeine right now... I'll shut up now... :)

2003-03-24 08:02:29 ET

hahaha ninja. i like ninja games. lately it's been "summoner" and "drakan" which means lots of magic and hacking people with swords. (and the odd burning people to death with a dragon)

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