2003-04-01 20:31:09 ET

adam has new boots! adam has new boots! I love new clothes!

2003-04-01 20:35:56 ET


2003-04-01 20:52:08 ET

heh. well they're an xmas slash bday gift.

2003-04-01 21:23:22 ET

Well still. They're *new*.

2003-04-01 21:32:38 ET

and painful to wear!! lol

2003-04-01 22:15:21 ET

Yeah for new boots!!!!!!

2003-04-02 05:40:57 ET

totally! they're all tight and black... and leather. mmm

2003-04-02 08:15:36 ET

neat babe! I have new boots as of last month, they are tight, and black, and leahter, but my are pointed toe, and pointed heel!

2003-04-02 11:47:36 ET

Oh well.. dealing with the pain and breaking them in is the worst of it. Then they're nice; but unfortunately no longer *new*.

2003-04-02 13:00:03 ET

pointy, ooh! i think i'd look nice in a pair of stilettos. hehhe

i need some new pants or something. something maybe dressy. to go with my fancy boots. i don't know. suggestions?

breaking them in isn't so bad. i haven't even blistered!

2003-04-02 18:51:46 ET

Well baby if you want I can send you some black tux pants with a red satin seam. But seeing as I dont know what size you are...hmmmm! hahaha

2003-04-03 06:22:33 ET

you come take my measurements! lol

i always forget to ask my mom. i need another seamstress friend...

actually i have a pair of tux pants with a red trim. they go with my kamui suit. hehe

i'm sure you could make me lots of gorgeous stuff. silly me.

2003-04-03 19:19:44 ET

Oh yeah I remember seeing that suit!

2003-04-04 04:41:00 ET

yeah that one. i think i need something slick looking to go with these boots. i wish i had a decent pair of pinstripes.

2003-04-04 06:37:45 ET

I saw a beautiful pinstriped suit once on the Lip Service site....

2003-04-04 09:45:32 ET

lip service is so expensive. i think my fishnet is lip service. they're not the most expensive out there, and they definately have GREAT stuff, but i'm uber poor. I tend to get hand me down stuff, value village stuff, and the rare occasion i make something or have it made for me...

2003-04-04 18:23:37 ET

I still need a new male model but seeing that I HAVE NO IDEA what size you are that doesnt help. Jason is a 28 inch waist and around 6'0'' so you might be able to wear his stuff...I can always bring a care package and my camera when I go to Canada and stop by!

2003-04-04 19:45:52 ET

yeah that sounds like a good idea. and a tape measure!

i'm a bit shorter than him, but my waist should be around that area. i have some odd proportions though. lol

my belly looks alot bigger to me though..

2003-04-05 11:48:12 ET

Well by your pictures you and him have the same body style...lanky...hahaha...anyway I will see what I can do as far as finding you somethings that you can have. I am not in the mood to sew right now...so I need to go through my "closet or shit for guys" and see what is around Jasons measurements...if anything you can take it to a seamstress there and have her adjust it to fit you perfectly

2003-04-05 12:28:09 ET

well, my mom's a seamstress. and over time of watching, etc i'm not a complete idiot when it comes to a sewing machine. hell we even have a surger (though i don't use it) .. but i'm not really lanky my dear. i'm short waisted. i do have long legs and arms, but not all that long of a torso. but i'm sure they'll fit better than a good majority of my clothes...

if my mom was home i'd go ask her right now...

2003-04-05 20:25:23 ET

Well by lanky I do mean arms and legs...Jason is sorta long waisted and long legged..but another boy that I had for aline that I put 2 years ago was short waisted, long legs and arms...about maybe your height I will see if I still have them...I gave a lot to Jason to model with and they still worked for him!

2003-04-06 00:48:23 ET

i'm sure i'm pretty close to either of those boys, so I could pull them off quite nicely. Most of the stuff I wear doesn't even come close to fitting right anyways lol

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