2003-04-21 06:25:28 ET

I dont know about you people, but my weekend FUCKING RULED

2003-04-21 06:35:46 ET

I feel that

2003-04-21 08:10:19 ET

I didn't get a single piece of candy or chocolate, yet I still had one of the best weekends I've had in a very long time...

2003-04-21 09:01:51 ET

Did it involve mind altering substances?

2003-04-21 09:21:00 ET

natural ones... god i bled so much!

2003-04-21 09:23:31 ET


2003-04-21 09:39:11 ET

yeah i'd post pictures, but it's not allowed. it was an iwascured.com event. and that was just friday night! ;)

2003-04-21 15:38:18 ET

Wooohoooo Blood+Adam=FUCKING HOT SHIT!

2003-04-21 17:56:21 ET

My weekend was very relaxing .

2003-04-21 22:26:06 ET

i didn't bleed overly much at the club, just a bit from my back and i dripped a few times from my one arm. i bled alot more the next night for some odd reason...

vix- how was it relaxing?

2003-04-22 17:50:53 ET

I did NOTHING , well except go to my boyfriends how and just sit around

2003-04-22 20:30:41 ET

i went to my boyfriend's house too! cept, i mean that in a platonic sense.

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