2003-04-30 12:17:26 ET

It's gym day.
I have 16 scabs from recent wounds.
The bruising's almost gone.
I need to see the pictures...

2003-04-30 16:15:29 ET

what did you do to yourself this time?

2003-04-30 16:27:20 ET

luke did it honest!!!

2003-04-30 16:31:35 ET

yah yah yah.

2003-04-30 16:33:15 ET

he did! and then i did the same thing to him *evil grin*

2003-04-30 16:34:22 ET

thats a boy.
im about to start scanning pictures. log your ass onto aim and ill be able to send them soon (hopefully)

2003-04-30 16:36:36 ET

doesnt take much to motivate me when it's pictures!

2003-04-30 16:38:36 ET


2003-04-30 21:21:02 ET

I saw his pics....YUMMMMY YUUMMMMMYYY....uber jealous about the UGLY model girl wrapped around your waist...but thats okay...your mine so it doesnt matter...lol

2003-05-01 06:19:25 ET

hahaha... i like some of the pics robbie took. of which i've only seen a small portion from the 6 rolls he took. that slowass.

2003-05-01 11:00:37 ET

I really like the pic of your arm upclose...uber sexy!

2003-05-01 12:06:00 ET

yeah that's my new favourite too :)

though i want a copy of the picture of rob and i making out

2003-05-01 20:22:04 ET

Oh I so wanna see that one...lol

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