2003-05-10 23:32:44 ET

i'm back from windsor again. my feet hurt from dancing.

2003-05-11 00:02:18 ET

canadian! ^_^

2003-05-11 07:53:32 ET

hahha... is that an insult?

2003-05-11 09:43:00 ET

nope, just pointing out that i found another canadian on here

2003-05-11 15:39:13 ET

Hi Adam...*waves* I have missed you. lol you sexy canadian you.

2003-05-11 23:19:54 ET

aww.. i missed you too! i couldn't get on in the week while i was away really. it kinda sucked. but i still had fun.

2003-05-12 00:10:25 ET

Thats Great that you had fun. I am looking forward to moving!

2003-05-12 07:51:59 ET

when's that happening??

2003-05-12 08:24:11 ET

First of June.

2003-05-12 09:53:06 ET

hmm. that's when my parents and my brother all leave...

2003-05-12 12:28:05 ET

Yeah and that shall be with the fun happens.

2003-05-12 22:39:42 ET

yeah i so cant wait !! :)

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