2003-06-18 02:25:37 ET

I had some new pictures taken by lui. some of them are neat :)

2003-06-18 06:14:10 ET

Are you going to post them?

2003-06-18 16:06:48 ET

hmm. i'm assuming they're too large to post on here...

2003-06-18 19:20:19 ET

Resize them?

2003-06-18 22:38:12 ET

that's lots of work!

2003-06-19 06:02:35 ET

No it's not. You're just lazy! ;]

2003-06-20 14:56:31 ET

that i am...

2003-06-25 21:26:45 ET

You mean man! Get our hopes up and then not post pictures. Grrr! GRRR!!! :)

2003-06-26 07:10:10 ET

hahah.. it's not my fault i cant post very many pictures. especially not big ones...

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