2003-07-03 10:41:00 ET

well i'm home. my throat's bruised and i'm tired. gimme a few days and i'll be saying the same thing about my back.

2003-07-03 17:39:01 ET

Sounds like you had fun. ;]

2003-07-08 22:42:36 ET

Is your throat bruised from having that big hook in it or from something also?

I jsut noticed you have no eyebrows, neat. I thought I'd point it out hahah.

2003-07-09 00:06:07 ET

yeah it's pretty bruised from the hook. i cant tell if my back's bruised or not. lol

as for the eyebrows... most people dont even notice. I look much better without them

2003-07-09 08:04:15 ET

I was thinking of shaving mine off mine and drawing them on but then I realized I can't draw.

2003-07-09 08:38:33 ET

oh man are mine ever scary when they're drawn on! but then again i can't really draw either. IF I let other people do it I generally just look like a crack whore

2003-07-09 09:58:16 ET

Drawing on brows looks good as long as you know how to do it.

2003-07-09 16:33:50 ET

which i dont. hahah

i like other people trying though

2003-07-09 18:07:47 ET

Whatever works.
You rock it either way.

2003-07-09 18:08:09 ET

2003-07-17 21:46:33 ET

So how's your back doing now?

2003-07-17 21:49:09 ET

i think i just ripped a couple of the scabs off earlier... i cant really see em, but they're most likely just dots now. healed nicely...

you can still see the marks on my neck though!

2003-07-17 21:50:02 ET

Hahah well that's what you get for sticking big metal things in your neck!

2003-07-17 21:52:24 ET

i'll stick big metal things in you !!!

2003-07-17 22:03:02 ET

You have to cathc me first! Hah and I'm all the way over here :P nah nah

2003-07-18 02:43:14 ET

oh you just wait... *wary eye*

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