Music is not as it's painted.
2003-07-16 21:28:28 ET

My violin teacher showed me the magazine in which she came out in the cover, I asked her of it because I was thinking I maybe could draw them but now that I see it, the cover is way too damn complicate, anyway, I can now show you all who is my violin teacher, Susy. From left to right: Josť Luis ĎChelsí, Susy, Walo.

In case the picture isnít showing, I have another one in the galleries; Chels plays the cello, guitar, electric guitar violin, drums, piano, trumpet, and I donít know if any other ones; Susy, is my violin teacher, she also plays the guitar, electric guitar, piano, and some of cello, Walo is Susyís boyfriend, he plays string bass, tuba, and elec bass and guitar I think. They are nice people, they do are some quality musicians.

2003-07-17 06:31:58 ET

She looks really cool. What a great picture. :) I'll bet you could do a terrific job drawing/painting it.

2003-07-19 16:11:49 ET

Perhaps I could try it, but it would take me an eternity, it's a complex picture.

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