late nights...
2003-07-24 00:05:59 ET

I havenít had much time for drawing again; these days Iíve been connecting to the internet all nights, and I used to draw mainly at night, I do want to keep drawing, I even thought of painting musicians or something, but Iíve been slacking a lot. I go to bed at 3 or 4 am, wake at 10 am, then either play violin or go somewhere else to use cable-speed internet, then having the violin lessons at evenings, then coming back home, and keep download music from internet. Heh, fuck, I am going to break something, or sleep in a closet, whatever ...why the fuck am I so fucking boring? Ö I mean I could write plenty of things about music (about because of the violin) but surely no one would either care or understand </geek>... ...mmhÖ I need something amusing ... perhaps, start reading the dictionary or something would be interesting... Would it be interesting if I only posted my dreams? Iím such a dreamer.
Where has SiS been?

2003-07-24 01:11:39 ET

about two years ago mom bought me a giant websters dictionary, i love it, i go from word to word. its crazy, i know but i dont care.

2003-07-24 05:41:35 ET

reading the dictionary is a cool thihng, at least to me. :)

Malk, I think your dreams would be an interesting read. And I am so with you on the internet being my social life. :P Then again, I get to talk to people like you and Moon, so it can't be all bad. :)

2003-07-24 06:51:14 ET

I once started reading the dictionary, but got often distracted, I couldn't read word by word because each time theres was another interesting word to find its meaning so I was jumping many pages and such; I'll try to keep reading it agin.

Yeh, one good thing of internet is having you people.

2003-07-24 07:00:18 ET

Try reading Hermann Hesse's novels or Shakespeares', I'm sure you'll find it interesting. And also you'll find many strange words in Shakespeares'.
It would be nice to read your dreams, I bet they are fantastic.

2003-07-24 09:57:56 ET

i'd like to read your dreams.

2003-07-24 17:13:49 ET

i had a weird dream last night

2003-07-24 19:02:50 ET

I understand, and like, your posts about music. But then, you already know about my inclinations in that stage ;-)

Dreams are always fun. Especially when they're not mine.

2003-07-24 20:32:01 ET

Eh, well I've posted some of my dreams quite a few times already, so it wouldn't be strange if my next post is about a dream.

2003-07-25 05:27:49 ET


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