I need a break.
2002-06-16 04:33:07 ET

Yesterday I went to my violin lessons, which was pretty well.. I guess. Well, I finally got to the eigth notes! which is quite hard to me because I'm a very slowly person, and plus I have the worst memory ever, I always forget the notes. Anyway, my teacher said it was fine and I should worry about memorizing notes yet, that it was better to practice my finger movements. She's nice and very good! Maybe I'll draw her one day to put it as my violin method book cover.

Mmh... so I've been listening too much classical music... the next performance of the orchestra will be until June 28th, so I have plenty time for listening heavy, black and doom metal again. And since I finished reading a book I think I'm going to read some stuff of philosophy or something. Any suggestions? (e-books I can download if posible).

2002-06-16 06:03:15 ET

Violin really is a difficult instrument to learn, so many finger placements and such x.X I could never remember it if I tried!

Well, the book Good Omens (Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett) is a rather hysterical parody on the end of the world (Close to hitchhiker's guide to the galexy) Or something by Kafka mayhaps? The Metamorphasis nearly made me sob. I know they're not really that philosophical, but they're good reads to make you think.

2002-06-16 07:32:58 ET

you are a very very good artist, and i'm glad you killed the damn assaultist

2002-06-16 14:37:12 ET

Oh I've read the Metamorphosis, somehow interesting. I really don't have a big habit of reading books, that's why I'm starting now. I've just remebered that I downloaded some time ago some works of Edgar Allan Poe, so I'll may be entertainted for a while I guess.

Yes, I killed that bastard assault, in my dreams of course, heh :]

2002-06-16 18:18:33 ET

I am not in the big habit of reading books either...although I love reading...my mom reads about 10 books per summer...agh!?!...I am going to read either The Story of a Geisha...Ben Hur...or maybe The Jungle by Upton St Clair...decisions...

2002-06-17 07:05:16 ET

talena is an awesome piece. is it just me or do her fingers look messed up? other than that its great

2002-06-17 12:40:48 ET

this has absolutely nothing to do with your entry but i just need to say as a fellow artist, your work is amazing. though i'm not much into goth culture, i can see how so many people would be into it. the stuff depicted in your art work is very beautiful but very poignant and dark, very raw human. it's mesmorizing....and though you are an atheist, your drawings remind me of the religious paintings of El Greco, because you're depiction of the crinkle and flow of fabric is amazing, as was his. Seeing yourart makes me wish i was a goth/metal chick so you could draw me, he he. too bad i'm just a stereotypical ditz who doesn't know what subkulture she belongs to. I've got to remember your name, you're going to be big. Keep up the amazing work.
pofke-i see it too, but hands are really hard to get right, so i don't blame him.

2002-06-18 09:43:43 ET

Oh yes. The hands.
Many proffesional artists have said that the hands are the most difucult part of human body to draw. And you're right about the hand of Talena, I really tried to do it exactly the same way I saw it in the photo and it was a little blurred, I just tried to draw it the exact way I saw it, and it was like that.

Thanks for the compliments, I'm working on another draw of a Goth girl sat in a tumb and I think this will be my biggest master piece until now, though I'm not saying it will be good I'm saying I've spent many time on this one, I've spent like 5 weeks now, and I think it still left like another week or two. Anyway, thanks for the compliments, really, yesterday was the fuckest day of my life, I was barely about to suicide, everything but my draw and my music, everything went so fucked up, so thanks, I think I needed to hear something like this.

2002-06-22 08:48:17 ET

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior is an excellent book you might be interested in. It is more of an eastern school of thinking type book, and you for some reason seem more like a western/european person, at least to me.
unfotunately i cant remember the author at this moment.

2002-06-22 08:48:25 ET

it had a sequel too, but it wasnt as good.

2002-06-22 11:16:07 ET

viola. right here. reprezent.

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