OSIM concert 2
2003-08-03 21:20:34 ET

Just a few hours ago I went to a concert performed by the OSIM, the same orchestra I went to see at Mexico City now came to our city, more than one hundred musicians of 10 to 15 years old playing the same repertoire from one week ago except for the ‘Adventures Suite’ one replacing it by the Poet and Peasant Overture from F. Suppe, a popular melody I guess many have heard and specially that one was conducted by our orchestra conductor. I was great to hear 55 violins, 20 violas, 20 violoncellos, 6 string basses, 7 flutes, 6 oboes, 6 clarinets, 5 bassoons, 7 french horns, 8 trumpets, 8 trombones, 3 tubas, 7 percussions, 3 harps an 1 piano altogether playing such beautiful music.

I could say a lot about but for me it’s many times hard to say it with words. For example, me and a friend were agreed that there was one girl from the first row in the 7th sit that was playing really low, she wasn’t very good, though from the same first row on 1st and 2nd sits were a guy and another girl who were playing very damn well, too good both, and couldn’t forget to mention the first of the cellos, a Korean girl, so cute but damn she is good, really good, she played with such easiness, it looked like it was a game, and thus she was ‘playing’. There was also this girl that took my attention; she was very cute, she reminded me of the little girl I met when went to Dallas, this girl had light brown hair to her shoulders, somehow short height, quite slim, a very adorable face wearing glasses and braces, and a hat that made her look even cuter, she was about 12~13 years old, and since they all were dressed wearing casual clothing –a long shirt, jean pants and tennis shoes- she was looking very adorable, besides for being there she obviously played better than me, she did play well; those are the kind of persons I feel honored to admit they’re way better than me even being just kids. Awh, the whole concert was fantastic, I adore this kind of music.

Returning back home, I felt so energetic about this thing that I couldn’t resist to take out my violin from the case and started practicing etudes and repertoires, I lasted about 2 hours playing here, I got tired, but damn I’m enjoying music every time more and more, I was thinking, perhaps, if I had entered the music scene about 7 or 10 years ago I’d truly have found my vocation. But alas, to this age I’m likely to like lots and lots of stuff, yet theses late months I’ve been more into music.

2003-08-03 21:27:24 ET

it sounds weird hearing you say that these young girls were really -cute-. It makes you sound like a pedophile. eh heh.

2003-08-03 21:41:31 ET

Heh, you know I like cute little girls, too. There's something about them that makes me feel 'good'; her innocence... or I don't know.
Keep playing. Hope I can go to a concert in which you play.

2003-08-03 22:09:34 ET

BloodyKises: 0_o I'm not a damn pedoph.. hehh yeh,I just feel myself innocence when having presence of them, it's not like I feel the need of wanting to be the bloody devil's vampire... that's only when being within messy people. But yeh, well I guess I shall explain myself better on this.

Nazul: This concerts even having so delicated sounds still rocks the hell out of any musician.

2003-08-03 22:11:46 ET

uh huh, you like those little girls!

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