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2003-08-09 20:03:06 ET

I was just watching Beetlejuice, kick ass.
1. I should be going to bed earlier because I’m back to school next Monday, but sometimes I can’t get to sleep and end up going to bed at 3 or 4 am. What am I going to do? Mmh well at least I won’t have to be at school at 7 am all days, some days I enter at 9 am. Anyhow, I should try to go to sleep earlier.

2. As I had said before, I have terrible concentration for reading, so anytime I want to read a book I end up losing the lecture and rare times I finish it. But now I found a book my father took borrowed from an uncle, it’s called “Mathematic Paradoxes”, the title got my attention, I saw the summary and I’ve found it quite interesting, though maybe the last pages I’ll lose concentration again because it seemed to have really strange topics, but for now can recall and found interesting and got me thinking was: “In a city 2 fathers and 2 sons go out from there, but the number of habitants only reduces by 3; how is this possible?” At first its sound quite strange, but with a bit of thinking you find out the answer, which already was in the book: “the 3 persons that came out of the city were a grandfather, a father and a son (relatives each other) which makes the grandfather and the father ‘2 fathers’ and the father and the son make ‘2 sons’”. Heh, that was quite amusing, and there’s more stuff like that in it.

3. Yesterday I didn’t know why I wanted so much to draw, so it was, and I spend a bit more than 2 hours in a row drawing; I’m trying to draw the magazine cover in which some friends and my violin teacher came out. I’m hoping to finish it before my teacher leaves the city; she’ll be leaving perhaps in a week so she can study her career in music, she’s been an amazing friend, we (from the orchestra) are going to miss her so much.

4. Talking about the violin thing, the director asked today to help them playing 2th violin in their ‘Camerata’ orchestra. You see, here where I take the violin classes, the director has formed like 2 orchestras, one which are the very good ones that plays for formal events or are hired for other events, that one is called ‘Camerata M. Ponce’, and another one a bit bigger in which he joined together the ones from the Camerata and the lower students that now have some experience (say at least 10 months playing), this one is called the ‘Sinfonieta’ and there is where I normally play, normally easier melodies, and now the director was thinking on passing other aspirants to the Camerata one, since 3 integrants (including my vln teacher) will be leaving in the following weeks, so he had chosen people from the Sinfonieta that are playing better now: one cellist, a violist and a violinist (me), that means that I’ll probably now be playing with them, which means now more difficult melodies and formal events, I’m excited about it, I hope I can do well on it.

2003-08-09 20:18:16 ET

Congrats darling, I knew you'd be great! <3

oOooOooOoo.. drawing urges good. Draw for me?

2003-08-09 20:40:07 ET

Oh, yeh, I need to look for phoenix images to draw.

2003-08-10 11:34:43 ET


i've heard that father and son thing before. i was like woah!! my little mind can't handle that.

2003-08-10 16:56:29 ET

I'll post more when I'm coherent, really. ^_^

2003-08-17 07:16:42 ET

wow. that's really impressive - being chosen for a position like that. :) congrats!

2003-08-18 19:47:59 ET


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