2003-08-17 07:10:23 ET

Itís been too long since I didnít post something here, actually long since I didnít touch the computer. Itís because I had been busy. As in the previous post I mentioned that now Iíve formed part of the ďCamerata M. PonceĒ and Iíve been having rehearsals all days from 7 pm to almost 10 pm, so I was kind of tired to log in and use the internet, besides I started classes at school again, so I had to get up earlier. These melodies of the camerata are way much difficult now. We had two concerts, one on friday, one yesterday, and still one tonight.

Anyway, I also finished drawing the cover in which my violin teacher and some friends appear on, I showed it to her and said it was cool.

2003-08-17 07:13:28 ET

wow! that looks AMAZING!

I'm glad you broke down and did it. :)

(nice to see you posting agian :) )

2003-08-17 08:50:14 ET

cool drawing indeed, especially the sun glasses, that added a lot :)

you're appearing onstage and all? major congrats bro!

2003-08-17 16:37:37 ET

that looks awesome.

2003-08-18 19:52:25 ET

Heh, thanks to all. I'm back now to using the internet again, so I'll be posting again.

2003-08-18 20:19:32 ET

The picture is awsome!!
And much congrats about the concerts... pictures?

2003-08-19 15:14:11 ET

Damn you for being able to draw people you know!!

2003-08-20 18:17:43 ET

Heh, thanks, though I've never dinished a drawing excatly de way I wanted it.

2003-08-20 19:13:54 ET

I wonder if I ever have? (finished one how I wanted it . . .)

. . . Is it humanly possible?

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