Violin teacher's gone.
2003-08-23 19:14:55 ET

So Iíve started doing the sketch for the painting, Iíll be painting a string quartet , 3 ladies and a man, though Iím note sure of how is it going to end up or even if Iíll have time to paint another one, I guess itís just matter of dedication.
On sad news, my violin teacher, Susy, finally departed, sheís gone to another city to study her career on music. Well we are going to miss her a lot, damn, she was the core of 2nd violins and a very good friend, always wearing appealing gothic clothes, a very good violinist and guitarist, weíll miss her in deed, but Iím glad for her because she can study properly the whole music scene as a profession. Another friend, Chels, is also going away for the same reason to the same place, and also another violinist is gone, three persons on total are away now, actually the 2 best violinists on our orchestra and a cellist. So itís our time to do our best here since theyíre gone. Oh well, Iíve heard that this happens with time, people come, people goes.

2003-08-23 21:08:13 ET

man that sucks. but atleast they are going after what the love. my drama teacher did that. but he was going after his love of music. i think mainly opera. he was a prfessional opera singer.

2003-08-25 05:54:25 ET

that's cool. someday someone will be writing the same about you going off to live your dream. :)

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