Return of Art's attack!
2003-09-05 22:57:36 ET

Well, well, it really had been some time since I didnít show up here, this time wasnít because I was busy or had few time, but because I had been having troubles with the internet connection, so we decided to finally try cable connection, though itís a really simple connection (64K) I know, it works just a bit faster than the regular modem, I donít much hurry for downloading crazy stuff and having super fast connections, I just needed something that wasnít too slow and that worked well, so itís kind of a relief now.

Well now that Iím Ďbackí I should be updating myself to see whatís new around here. I did wanted to post many entries while I couldnít connect, but now that Iím here I just donít know what to post about.

First, Iím not so sure how I am doing on school, it always seems to me that Iím doing better at classes or mathematic homework problems that at exams. I guess thatís always been my woe. Always doing better at practice or rehearsal situations of my life than when confronting it. Also at school I since a two days ago I started playing chess... it had been ages since I didnít play chess, I enjoy playing it, I suck though, Iím not good, I just know some few moves and tricks but Iím not as systematized as good players are. Oh well, itís an amusing game for me.

As said on previous entry, Iím doing a painting for a contest thing about painting something that involves or represents music. And it has taken me longer that I expected, I shall have it finished for Tuesday or Wednesday so that it may be dry when delivering it to the contest thing (due to next Friday). I wanted to paint today but I guess itís a bit late now. Here and here are two new samples.

Finalizing, on the music scene, Iím taking some extra courses about learning more about music theory, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays having rehearsals with the orchestra; now let me say that the director said that since some integrants were taking it to easy, he said that now a requisite to be playing there is to play at least one Concert on our instrument, so yes, he gave me one, the ironic thing is that the one Iíll be playing I gave him the score and sheet music, heh, Iíve gave him another two ones but those are for other players, anyway, so we all now should be playing either a Cello concerto, a Viola Concerto or (in my case) a Violin Concerto, but just the first movement. The one Iím practicing is J.S.Bachís Violin Concerto in A minor. Damn it is one difficult piece, really, Bach wrote plenty difficult stuff. I also gave the director the score for the Double Violin Concerto in D minor (a well know and difficult one) and the Violin Concerto in E major also from Bach. Others are playing Vivaldiís Concerto Grosso in A minor, Vivaldiís Cello Concerto in G minor and Concerto for 2 cellos, and Telemannís Viola Concerto and Concerto for 2 Violas. As I can see the most difficult ones are Bachís and Vivaldiís concertos.

2003-09-05 22:59:08 ET

Hey whats up, nice to meet you. My names Kandess =)

2003-09-06 04:06:17 ET

wow. as much as i'm not a fan of gothic style anything, your artwork is amazing.

2003-09-06 08:02:45 ET

Iím not so sure how I am doing on school, it always seems to me that Iím doing better at classes or mathematic homework problems that at exams.
I suck ass at taking exams, too. Regardless of how hard I study. IT's so beat.

&Those paintings are wonderful!

2003-09-06 15:20:33 ET

wow thats really long!! haha.

2003-09-06 18:27:06 ET

UnLabeled: nice to meet you too.
Symmetric: why, thanks, I jus try to do my best, though, not always I have the results I wished.
Caterpillar: True, damn exmas. I'll try to do my best on the painting.
Phaery: yup, this happens when time pases without showing on

2003-09-06 18:55:41 ET

Good luck with that, kiddo.

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