Send a painting for a contest.
2003-09-12 20:12:16 ET

Again here I am, a bit absent this web because I was somehow busy at nights trying to finish the painting, finally I finished it yesterday and delivered today. The wining results will be showing on Sept. 19 (next Friday). When I went to the place there, I saw other works, 2 of them were really damn great works, damn, really good ones, I have no chance to compete with them, now I understand that I did this just to participate, not as a contest perhaps. I only have one more picture of an advance of how was I going, but I forgot to take the picture of the final result of my painting, so Iíll be taking it next Friday and thus also take pictures from the others.

I must add to this that Iím not happy with the result, Iím definitely not satisfied with my painting, one reason because I hadnít much time or dedication, second because Iíve realized once again that Iím just a terrible amateur painter; itís a hole world of difference from drawing and sketching with ink pens or pencils to painting, I suck at getting the exact color I wanted, I spend a lot of time mixing colors to get something I wanted, I need instruct of how using oils, dammit. Oh well, I guess Iíll return Ėfor now- to sketching and drawing with pens.

2003-09-13 12:01:08 ET

you are a fantastic artist!!! no worries!!

2003-09-13 14:37:01 ET

what phaery said.

I love your night painting. I don't think any artist is ever satisfied. :)

2003-09-13 18:11:52 ET

i dont see why they wouldn't like it.

2003-09-13 20:46:57 ET

I guess I'm constantaly very afraid of doing anything wrong, so I try to be perfectionist at many times. Thus I always end up feeling weird of how I drew or painted something... whatever. But I do appreciate your comments, this is what makes me still trying to do it well. Thanks.

2003-09-13 21:34:08 ET

Your painting is wonderful.
I dont want to hear that crap!
It certainly a hell of a lot better than a lot of stuff Ive ever seen.
Nice work, mate.

2003-09-14 12:59:26 ET

dont worry a lot of people are like that.

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