2003-09-16 18:28:58 ET

I have a very nice friend whom is very smart, paints and plays the cello in the orchestra, her name is Sophie, well, she had commented me that her older sister is studying psychology, and that sometimes she had to put like psychological tests on people for her homework or something, I told her that it would be interesting to have those tests, then some time after, now her sister wants me to be part of some project for school, in which sheíll be asking me questions and then is going to put me in one of those rooms like in the movies were thereís a glass which inside I only see it as a mirror, but from outside they can see me, quite funny, I guess itís going to be amusing. Itís going to be something new too, because I normally despise a lot psychologists, itís not my fault, every psychologist Iíve met I dislike a lot, but since Sophie is a close friend, I guess her sister is going to be nice and not dislike her.

Well, I also downloaded the Demons & Wizards album but havenít had much time to listen to it because my portable Cd player is still damaged, I need to get it fixed, damn, so I can hear music at some annoying places were I donít want to listen to others. Then again, I don't have enough of musician skills, as much as I practice I don't know how am I supposed to play this?

2003-09-16 19:42:47 ET


2003-09-16 19:50:36 ET

heh.. perhaps, maybe that's why I'd like to try it: because I've always felt sooo against the mainstream and general thougths of psychology,... think of it as maybe their irony... they'll think they're testing me, while maybe it's me who'll be testing them, heheh... Or else... I'm just trying to help on my friend's sister's homework. blah.

2003-09-16 19:51:55 ET

*grasps around your ankles* don't do it!

2003-09-16 19:55:30 ET

ha ha ha ha.... I know I know... damn psychologists... they need psychos, I'll give 'em a psycho...

2003-09-17 11:10:20 ET

you show them!!

2003-09-17 20:52:26 ET

Odds are it'll just be a silly survey with multiple choice that you fill out- I did quite a few for friends while I was in school- and they throw out the most extreme answers to either side of the spectrum (its common practice, throws off the results otherwise), I think I always got discarded! ;)

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