2002-06-19 22:53:04 ET

So youíll say life goes on, ... which oneís? Iíd say.

Obviously every life has to ďgo onĒ. If it wasnít going on it would be death and thus it wouldnít be life. But then why am I asking which life? Because human life has reached a level of subjectivity in which itís hard to create psychological laws that should apply for everyone. I donít believe some of those laws are being applied on me as well as on others, either because Iím clinically insane or because Iím another forgotten sad romantic philosopher.

Today, I went to buy a cd, which I liked a lot, then started to keep drawing in something I havenít finished with the music. Oh yes... I always draw while listening music. I lose concentration or bore myself too quick if Iím not listening music while drawing. I tried to practice some notes for the violin and I realized, again, that I suck for that. I only have like 3 months with it but I know I suck. I wanted to try it for many many reasons, one of them was simply because I like the sound of it.

I just wonder if someday I will ever feel loved.

2002-06-19 23:05:48 ET

U say u'e clinically insane, or u're just a phylosopher... I'm sure lots of us feel that way more or less, for between genious and insanity lies a very thin line.

Someday we will all feel loved, the question is whether we should maybe feel that way now, and we don't realise it?

2002-06-19 23:25:45 ET

You're not forgotten. I wish I could make you happy so that you wouldn't be sad though. Well you can't become good at violin in only 3 months. I've been playing flute for 5 years now, I'd say i started getting good in 2 years, maybe a little less... and as far as feeling loved, well I wish I could help you out there too. I love your personality though...

2002-06-19 23:31:04 ET

I remember someone important (scientist, artirst, not sure) said that sometimes the more genious is someone the more insane he/she might be.

Aw, thanks BloodyKisses! I like you too! : )

2002-06-19 23:37:30 ET

Eistein I think. I was referring to that exact thing

2002-06-20 10:56:59 ET

Heh, I also remember hearing if you're insane you don't know it... like you can't just claim to be insane... I guess you have to be tested or whatever.

2002-06-20 18:37:49 ET

The insane don't know they're insane? Wow. That actually makes sense. LOL.

Malkavian, how come you haven't posted a pic of yourself yet? If you look as good as you speak, I would think girls would be swooning over you...

Well here's a thought to cheer you up: is there any color darker than black? (A bit of Goth humor there;)).

2002-06-20 18:46:09 ET

Well ehm, I only have one pic of me somewhere, and it was taken only for an old school credential or something like it... I guess I'm not very photogenic. Ok, I'll try to find it and if I do, maybe I'll post it here.

2002-06-21 03:45:31 ET

darker than black? sure white is.

2002-06-21 19:01:58 ET

I thought white was the absence of colors?

2002-06-21 19:06:06 ET

Heh he he!

Yep, I think that same TeRRoR.

2002-06-22 07:52:40 ET

if i remember it correctly
in art, black is the absence of color
but in science, white is the absence of color

2002-06-22 20:19:53 ET

and what can ever be darker than nothingness?

2002-06-22 21:06:49 ET

Mmh... if nothingness is the darkest possible, an even more nothing should be darker... which makes the sentence: the nothingness of nothingness, but then that would make everything, and that makes us a new paradox or a totally incoherence while saying that everything should be darker than nothingness.... mmm no! Nothing is darker than nothingness!

2002-06-22 21:15:27 ET

recursive thinking... I try to avoid such things, because u always reach the same thing in the end, an old saying - as u stare into the abyss the abyss stares into you (Niesche - sp?)

2002-06-24 12:37:28 ET

Actually, white is all 7 colors of the rainbow culminated. That's why a prism creates a rainbow, it cuts normal white light into it's 7 fragments. A rainbow will always be the same pattern from top to bottom as well, as each color is seen by a frequency detector (rods) of the eye. Tell me you never saw the cover for Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon'. White goes in, rainbow comes out.

2002-06-24 12:44:39 ET


2002-06-28 07:58:20 ET

I'm with you all on this one. Don't feel like adding my own two cents.

Kudos to Zen for noting the science of things.

2002-06-29 01:17:54 ET

What can I say,... I watched Bill Nye the science guy too much as a kid. *geek*

2002-06-29 09:29:40 ET

Ha! Geeks vill rulez ze vorld.

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