Beautiful Grey Sky
2003-09-21 19:10:58 ET

This is something really interesting: It has been raining for almost 2 days in a row. Hereís normally a desertís weather, but since yesterday the sun hasnít shown up! All this week, the mornings were cloudy and then very sunny, but since Friday in the afternoon became cloudy and started to rain at night, then Saturday morning cloudy with rain, and all of the rest of the day the whole city kept wet, at night, still raining. Today, Sunday at morning was still raining; right night is 11 pm and I still hear the raindrops. But the even stranger is that within these (almost 3) days, it hasnít been a deep rain like other times (one day or one moment-rain), it has been a very soft and delicate rain; really thin raindrops, no windy weather, just calmed, cloudy and softly-rain. Yet, since the rainís been constant, there are lots of huge puddles of water in every street I cross. I donít if if for tomorrow is still going to be like this, but at least Iím glad that the evil sun is away for now.

2003-09-21 19:14:08 ET

All the week's been like that. Isn't it beautiful?
I heard that it's going to be like that the following days.

2003-09-22 13:35:13 ET

lucky i wish it was raining.

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