2003-10-03 20:16:55 ET

Wow, it had been really long since I didn’t update here again. Well mostly because I was nusy, I didn’t even had time to be much on the internet either, barely turn on the computer.
Since last Sunday I got sick, but I was until Monday when I felt really bad: Headache, throat-ache, stomachache, flu, ...all that together is not good at all! But I was like that horribly dead. I started talking medications I start feeling better now, I actually I don’t feel that bad now, just some occasionally headaches when I aim my head down.

On another note, I had been having troubles while burning audio cds, so I couldn’t burn the Demons & Wizards album and one of Lacrimosa, I think the problem was something about the speed recording, so I lowered it and apparently it works well now but way too slow. Talking about music, ...new sheet music to study and practice: it’s a damn very, very difficult one to play, but in fact that melody was one of the reasons why I decided to play a musical instrument.

2003-10-03 21:14:28 ET

whats the new sheet music? i always look at a piece and am like theres no way i can play that. then i just hack and hack and hack away at it and always eventually get it.

2003-10-03 21:24:01 ET

poor hunny *hug*

2003-10-04 17:38:57 ET

So, how are you now?

Hoe, last week my teacher of Arts lent me 2 books: 'Así se compone un cuadro' and 'Como pintar con óleo' (or something like that) by José Ma. Parramón Vilasaló. Well, I got copies of the 1st one and thought that you migh find it useful. Don't get me wrong, I think you have a great talent that can become even better. :D So, you just tell me if you want it and I'll send it to you or go to your house, whatever.
And one more thing: I remembered that you still have my vhs of Nosferatu, hehe.

2003-10-04 17:48:10 ET

Another note: the book contains rules of classical composition, 'la sección dorada', contrastes, encuadre, originalidad, centros de interés, ritmo, iluminación, and also examples of drawings and paintings.
(hehe i'm so lasy that i didn't search for those words in a dictionary. anyway, you can understand them)

2003-10-04 19:14:38 ET

Sheet music of the 3rd Brandenburg Concert by Bach.

2003-10-04 19:17:32 ET

i LOVE Bach.

2003-10-04 19:24:11 ET

bach rochs!! lol. i'm so lame.

2003-10-04 19:29:04 ET

Heheh. Yeah, Bach:
Baroque Rochs!!

2003-10-04 19:31:59 ET


2003-10-04 19:32:20 ET

oh and its its not baroque don't fix it.

i love beauty and the beast.

2003-10-04 19:35:02 ET

heh, pharey:)

2003-10-04 19:36:24 ET


2003-10-06 20:30:19 ET

What do you play for?

2003-10-06 20:39:24 ET

ha! she assigned me a new bach song to learn tonight! and i didnt even mention it to her, its his spirit watching over me:)

2003-10-07 15:59:19 ET

I'm glad you're feeling better. I'm sorry I haven't talked to you in a while as well. (I haven't really been doing much on here lately)

2003-10-10 21:34:00 ET

Neko2631: I play the violin for a small Orchestra.
BloddyKisses: Hi, long time no see around here. Good alwats good to hear you.

2003-10-11 12:45:45 ET

Ohhhhhh *marvel* might I proceed in asking more questions??

Where is your orchestra? How big is 'small'? What kinds of things do you guys play for?

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