2003-10-16 07:09:35 ET

So, today, Oct 16, is my birthday.

2003-10-16 07:25:45 ET

Happy birthday

2003-10-16 07:52:27 ET

Well damn, it's just birthday after birthday on the
Happy Birthday, sweety!

2003-10-16 08:20:49 ET

happy birthday... :-)

2003-10-16 12:35:22 ET

Well I can't say happy birthday for the day that's already past... but happy birthday for the rest of the day and night.

2003-10-16 13:24:48 ET

Well, I hope you've had a good one . . . Though that doesn't mean I don't think your nonbirthday days shouldn't be good as well . . .

2003-10-16 17:57:52 ET

Thanks all. AT least I did eat a piece of chocolate cake.

2003-10-16 18:09:01 ET

That's what's up!

2003-10-16 18:25:07 ET

Hey, happy birthday!!!! XD You can have some of the chocolate orgasm cake that I had for my birthday... it was wonderful.

2003-10-16 21:37:24 ET

*hug* happy one malk.

2003-10-19 00:19:33 ET

oh dear im sorry i missed it:( but happy belated birthday!!!!!yum chocolate cake;)

2003-10-19 19:25:23 ET

I seem to be on a missing people's birthdays rampage.

I hope you had a wonderful one!

2003-10-20 19:38:47 ET

Thanks again!

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