I'm just learning
2002-06-22 21:31:16 ET

Ok, so my day today, I went to my violin lessons in the morning, two hours starting at 10 A.M. Oh, my teacher is so nice! She instructs me so well, not like the other teachers. Besides she is young, too pretty... and goth! I always blush when she touch my fingers and put them in the right possition in the violin saying: "No, look, you have to put it like this...". Besides the way she teaches is so gentle, then when I'm practicing she is taking care for other students, some children students, and she has this sweet voice when teaching them the notes while they're playing, like: "Ok, do the next note... 'La', 'Fa', 'Fa', 'Sol', 'La'... (A,F,F,G,A...)". Ha! from all my childhood I never had the chance to say 'wow, my teacher's hot' until now, heh he.

Anyway, she told me that in two weeks there will be like a test for new students and I had to choose one melody from the practice book. I chose an easy one because I'm not very good yet. Something called 'long long ago'. Oh well, I hope I have already dominated that one for the next two weeks, wish me luck!

2002-06-22 22:32:09 ET

g'luck. loads of luck. :)

I got invited into a jazz band, as the lead guitar... now I'm not THAT good, and i dont have time for getting into music that deep anyway.

Can u get a pic of that teacher posted?

2002-06-23 06:26:13 ET

No, I don't have any camera, or else I'd do it.

2002-06-23 18:22:54 ET

That's just awesome, I wish I had a hot gothy type violin teacher. Best of luck to you!

2002-06-26 05:08:10 ET

thats incredibly creepy.
who would want their picture taken for the purpose of having it showed to complete strangers on the internet?

2002-06-26 20:12:59 ET

buttered: hhhhaahahaha, thats true, but who's gonna tell her?

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