No skull?
2002-06-24 11:54:52 ET

Strange, normally I found hard to remember most of my dreams, and the ones I remember I remember they were strange, but I guess this is normal, that every dream should be ‘strange’ or else it wouldn’t have been ‘remembered’. So, I took a nap today and I had this weird dream:

I remember I had been going to many places in the city. Then I stopped by the theatre were I always go to see the orchestra performing classical music, but this time they weren’t playing to as a show, they were only doing rehearsals for the next presentation, and I knew this, I just wanted to know how they were doing. Then I saw there a friend who also did want to see them but I told him that they were in rehearsal only, he go and so did I. Then I wanted to take a bus to come back home but they weren’t passing buses where I was, so I walked a few blocks through a very narrow sidewalk with the rain getting me wet. Then I took the bus and I don’t know why I take off in a hospital. I started to walk around there and I meet some doctors that supposedly in the dream I’ve met them, but I really had never seen them, huh? So, I went with them and observed them working on surgeries and stuff.

Now, the ‘weird thing’, I then looked some body there they were doing a surgery in which they had to open his chest. When I asked who was it and why, they told me that it was my body and that they had to do it because I had a problem with my ribs and some other organs there. I got somehow amazed because I was watching my body and at the same time watching it ...with my other body? What the fuck? Well, then I kind of helped them like passing them some surgery instruments, and after that I looked myself in the mirror ...and I noticed that I had no skull!!! Well I had only removed the part that covers the brain and my eyes, so I could see them, and it was pretty funny because I remember I was aware that I should feel pain or something but I didn’t! It was amusing how I could watch my eyeballs moving. Then the doctors said that I should come back to them so they could put my brain connected to my spinal cord wasn’t I carrying my spinal cord when I looked myself in the mirror??? ‘Ok’ I said to them and start approaching when suddenly I started to feel dizzy and my fingers weren’t able to feel and my arms were becoming immobile, then I laid in the bed, and my vision started to blur until I really couldn’t see anything, but I was still able to hear what the doctors were doing. Then I stood up and I was ‘one’ again, but I was wearing some gypsum on my arms like if I had had an accident or so, but it was itchy and I removed them and nothing happened. I asked for the doctors and they told me that they had gone to a meeting, so I went out of the hospital. I felt like a normal human being again (?!) and took a bus to home. Still raining, I took off and passed near a house of some friend, I only passed near to see if I could see her, nothing happened. Then walking way back home I watched some dudes playing tennis (raining?) and keep walking... then... I woke up! And the dream is over!

Pretty estrange huh? Oh well at least I remembered a dream, because I almost can’t remember most of my dreams. Sometimes I just remember I dreamed something but not sure what and this time I could remember!

2002-06-24 12:56:44 ET

oops, im a malkavian, but i feel like a toreador too.most of the dreams are the dreams where i can't move. when i have them at home i try to scream but it comes out as moaning. my whole family suffers from this. i have them at school too but i don't scream when i have them at school. there are times when i have dreams inside dreams, also the paralyis dreams

2002-06-26 16:13:21 ET

That's weird, I usually always remember my dreams. Well most anyway.

2002-06-26 16:30:55 ET

I wish I could remember them all, that way I could try to write something interesting.

2005-01-16 11:39:37 ET

that is wild! it sounds like you were astral projecting. where you leave your body and are right outside it looking back at yourself. its creepy you were looking at yourself with no skull though.

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