2003-11-06 20:00:54 ET

Still feeling bad, in whatever viewpoint you want to see it. In School Iím a total disaster, I chose this career because I was madly in love of mathematics, I was never considered a geek, people knew I could fail on all the other subject except in math, but now I have this annoying teacher that donít see the math like I see it. And having a huge problem on concentrating when reading anything, whatever, Iím not doing well at all.
On the music thing, Iím still frustrated; Iíve been practiced a lot to be a rather good player, but the director still wants me only for giving drums lessons...? fuck, Iíll try to hold it at least this week, but if I canít stand it anymore the next week, Iíll have to tell them anything so I wonít give drums lessons, ...drums, I donít know how to play them, donít feel interested right now, I donít know a thing on them, he probably asked me to help him because he himself was also tired of that. I donít like lying but if this keeps like that Iím just going to tell him that I have other stuff or Ďhomeworkí to do. I donít know, I feel frustrated.

2003-11-06 20:22:19 ET


2003-11-12 04:49:50 ET

*hugs back*

2003-11-12 05:30:57 ET


2003-11-12 17:03:09 ET

Hmm, perhaps you should try meditating. Take some time off for yourself and just relax.

2003-11-12 18:16:37 ET

Sounds nice, I guess I always try to do it every night before falling asleep.

2003-11-18 15:13:52 ET

Yes, you should never go to sleep troubled. 'tis not good for you.

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