...oh well...
2003-11-12 18:32:07 ET

Well, finally Iíll be now teaching violin and not drums. Which in some way is good, in Iíll be giving violin lessons from Monday to Saturday and thus Iíll practice more too. The bad thing that some there will be still some days in which Iíd have to take care of drums again because there isnít someone else to do it, so bleh.
In school, Iím really sure of how am I going, but from me view I guess Iím going bad, I have failed on a few exams, but I guess Iím used to be failing at everything, every-thing. So apathy is my motto.
Oh, I recently tried start drawing again, and I realized Iíve lost practice, seriously lost practice, I tried to draw some faces and failed many times, so I need to practice again at nights, yet drawing was my first passion for arts so I must rise it again.
And according to the death clock I have 1 123 288 600 seconds left to live.

2003-11-12 18:38:25 ET


thats depressing. counting down the minutes that is.

2003-11-12 18:39:00 ET

Very good on teaching the violin. :) And the drums aren't that bad... just another form of music. It's all beautiful.
Draw me a phoenixxxx!!!!! ;-) <3

2003-11-12 18:44:26 ET

Oh, that's right, I had rememberd about the phoenix some weeks ago, but I forgot it, so now that you remind it to me, I'll have something else to work on!

2003-11-12 18:47:32 ET

Oh, and apparently 1123288600 seconds are aprox 36 years left to live, so who knows...

2003-11-12 18:50:36 ET

thats still depressing.

2003-11-12 18:54:45 ET

Why depressing? Perhaps if it were like 5 yeard left, then that'd be significant. Though, again, who knows, I just find it amusing, again, I recall what someone said of me, heh, I found everything in a different way everyone else sees it, it's just death...

2003-11-12 18:57:04 ET

i'm afraid of dying.

2003-11-12 19:41:18 ET

And you must keep in mind, it's a silly script computer program.

I'm gonna be a cool old lady like my grandma ^_^

2003-11-12 19:44:36 ET

ditto. like your grandma!

2003-11-12 20:25:44 ET

yes. my gram makes me cookies for breakfast and lets me listen to her record player.
she rocks. and anyone that messes with her has to deal with me, and i'm very protective.

2003-11-12 20:49:02 ET


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