Where I've been.
2003-11-26 08:28:12 ET

Mmh... it has been way long since I didn't show up here, well, it wass because I've been busy or too damn tired and just wanted to go to sleep, and when I finally had the chance, one of my fuckin siblings was using the computer, evil bastards.
I'm on final exams, so vacations I'm almost out, and I'll be having some concerts tomorrow and probably next week. Then on 12th and 23th of december some 'christmas concerts' stuff.
Today I relized how fucking much I missed any metal, gothic-related album, I can't believe I've been more than a month without listening to any of this, I had been so damn invlolved into classical that I forgot about the other albums, and mostly because of my damaged Cd player, but fuck, I'll buy a new one the next week. The sooner the better.

2003-11-26 12:03:42 ET

good to see you back ^_^
I know what you mean about missing music.. though mine is more because I've lost a bunch of cds. Damn sock gnomes

2003-11-26 17:38:03 ET

i wanna hear you play sometime.

2003-11-29 04:30:07 ET

Damn sock gnomes! they have to ruin everything...

Heh, not many people come to see our concerts mainly because we don't have puplicity, we barely print like 3 or 4 posters annuning the concerts, if we only could have a little help sponsering at least a tiny biy of publicity, more audince will come, yet, anyways I play more for love of playing music.

2003-11-29 22:27:26 ET

thats great.

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