Will be out.
2003-12-12 22:36:23 ET

Uhh... it's 2 am, I'm preparing luggage for I'm going out for 10 days. It's about the orchestra thing; some of us were invited to go to some other city to play with them some christmas carols and such, so I'll go tomor... I mean, in some hours. In some part is awful having to stand hours and hours of trip, but in other part it'll be good (?) or interesting to play within other city's orchestra.

Well, I had many many other thing in mind to rant about as usual, but I'm pretty tired. Damn it had been a busy week because of the school and stuff.

I was also going to say that, uhm, well, since some months or weeks ago I've noticied that there isn't a day I don't get depressed. It doesn't matter at what time of the day, be it morning, noon or night, I always find something that kills me enthusiasm and realize how damn fucked up I am... and not the 'I am' like how I'm doing or I've become, but the I am of I'm made of or I'm this way. I just am fucked up.
...not a single day I can't de depressed, not a single day I don't ask myself if I worth something, always the same.

2003-12-12 23:12:11 ET

i just wanted to say that your artwork is absolutely beautiful. <3

2003-12-13 05:17:06 ET

Why, thank you, I've been pretty busy and didn't have time to keep drawing lately, but now on vacationes I'll surely come up with something soon.

2003-12-13 05:43:53 ET

have fun on your trip.

and hun you make beautiful art. dont let anyone tell you different.

feel better.

2003-12-15 05:30:41 ET

:( aww. I wish I could make you feel better or make you feel worth more than you do. (but I can't exactly do that over the computer because of my lack of creativeness-- but know that I do care) If there IS anything I can do for you, let me know.

2003-12-24 16:41:20 ET

Thanks. I wish I could meet more poeple like you.

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