I'm back.
2003-12-24 16:57:09 ET

Finally, Iím back, had lots and lost of shit going on, played a lot on concerts, visited places and stuff, but I donít feel very likely to type it right now, but I do will write about it here, so far I canít just say that Iíve been compared to the Grinch for Iím not very excited for the Christmas thing, so what, fuck it, all the family gathered at grandparentís with cousins and stuff, it always the same, I donít feel like missing much, neither they missing me, Iíll just eat something alone in my house maybe walk in the night or watch a movie. Whatever.

2003-12-26 06:32:15 ET

aww, sorry about your christmas, and you have lovely art.

2003-12-28 20:29:31 ET

Thanks, you have lovely hair.

2003-12-29 03:36:44 ET

thank you. :)

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