Learning new arts and remembering forgotten arts.
2004-01-03 23:32:13 ET

I canít believe itís already the 3 am!! I remember a few moments was it was barely 1 am... mmh, time flies sometimes.

Well, in case I hadnít mentioned before (because I have bad memory and am not sure if I had said it before or not) some few months ago I started taking a course on music theory because the director said that it should be now important for all the integrants to know the bases of music, or at least to understand why weíre playing the specified notes on a certain repertoire. Well, so itís been very interesting, the course was divided basically in 3 classes: music history, theory (to know about certain figures and indications) and Harmony (to understand about chords and the function of the notes and such), this last one is the one I felt more interesting and amusing. Now Iím also browsing over the internet to learn more about it. Itís fascinating, I can now see how many people relate it in an analogical way similar to mathematics: hence why I love so much music of Bach. Iím getting too excited on all this music theory learning I am now actually thinking in when finishing my career in Engineering I will then dedicate to really compose major works. For now Iíll be starting creating or ďcomposingĒ exercises to understand more the harmony.

Also, Iíve lost practice and itís been long time since I donít sit down and dedicate to draw. I remember I let an unfinished drawing of a goth girl, so Iíll search for it and try to finish it tomorrow, or at least start again drawing sketches or something. Maybe I havenít been feeling well on drawing either because of I have lost practice I get frustrated that I canít draw well what I want to draw, or maybe Iíve just never really drawn anything good. Sometimes I wish I had the same enthusiasm for drawing that I used to have years a couple of years ago when I was more dedicated to this visual art. But itís always been my owe: wanting so much so many things that I canít handle them all effectively. Damn Iím just full of dreams, but itís always that, just dreams.

2004-01-04 09:27:17 ET

sounds like an interesting class.

i hoep you get more enthusiastic (sp?)

2004-01-04 18:33:59 ET


2004-01-05 16:35:52 ET


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